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  • Japanese diet: allowed and forbidden foods, benefits, contraindications and harms, rules and preparation, menu for 14 days, exit from the diet, reviews.
    18 September 2020
  • Recommendations on how to choose and implement exercises to lose weight at home for different parts of the body. Description high-performance complex
    4 October 2018
  • Ginger is the most appropriate product for weight loss. And combined with lemon, honey or garlic can lose weight up to 8 kg in a month, unless, of course, that we keep proper nutrition. In addition, the ginger drink is an invigorating effect.
    30 August 2018
  • About the benefits of water, it was said, is not enough. But people underestimate the need for monitoring the amount of water to drink, but it is very important not only for weight loss, but also in everyday life, and in the treatment of many serious diseases.
    26 August 2018