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  • Yoga classes help improve your physical condition, but can you lose weight with it? Consider yoga from this perspective: what is yoga, are there contraindications to yoga, the basic yoga poses, how to do it right to lose weight.
    17 October 2021
  • How to remove women's bellies at home. Exercises for the abdomen: abdominal vacuum, abdominal pump, planks, transverse and oblique cracks. Abdominal slimming recipe.
    12 October 2021
  • All seeds for weight loss, is useful, but some of them are more efficient counterparts. This is Chia, flax seed, flax, mustard, sunflower-find out more about them
    9 January 2019
  • Every woman sooner or later faced with a situation in which there is an urgent need to get rid of some extra pounds. In this case, there may be help
    25 December 2018