Effective weight loss after 40: advice & reviews

On the basis of sex, with the age of the person is the slowing down of the metabolism, muscle mass is gradually replaced by fat. Therefore, in order to lose weight, it will take a lot more effort, such as at a young age. Don't fight a battle with weight, is to incorporate the help of a trendy a strict diet: they are designed for a strong body. In a stressful situation, your body will store the energy, not the brain.

Weight management should begin with a review of their ways of life. Pay the greatest attention to physical exercises. It is not strictly in the power of the system will not help you to lose weight, but when you're lying on the couch. Times of excuses about a busy schedule or medical issues: there are a lot of exercise, that will put a stop to the stress on the joints, and it takes 30 minutes to complete on a daily basis.

Why is 40 the weight of the typed faster

how to lose weight

At this age there is a natural restructuring of the body. Usually, it is accompanied by any of the following processes:

  • the change of the metabolism;
  • a less active way of life;
  • without exercise the muscle mass will gradually modify into fat;
  • fat deposits become more dense and going at a slower pace than in the young;
  • hormonal changes are inevitable;
  • the cumulative effect of chronic disease and to slow metabolism.

Is there a way that my body is starting the process of to loss of weight? If you want to do this, you need to follow a few simple rules that will help make some of the changes, and help to get rid of the excess fullness.

The characteristics of the body has been for women

The women in this age group are very active, they are involved in work and home and lead a regular life. However, after the forty years of the woman's body starts to change the metabolic rate to the extinction of the reproductive function, and slow metabolism. Therefore, the change in the structure of the body and, in particular, the fat content of milk and the health of the.

In addition, many of the women at this age become a chronic disease and it can affect the look and shape. It is necessary to be aware of the specifics of the organism to correctly and competently build strength and lose weight.

The body begins to suffer from dehydration, and to cover the needs of the body, it needs less than before, the energy consumption. You will also need more calcium and protein, but less fat, especially saturated, and carbohydrate components of food. So much food, so often advertised and popular at this age they are useless, and even dangerous, especially if they are short and very restrictive.

How to lose weight

40 to torment the body of a heavy famine, and the constant rejection from loved ones over the years, the dishes, in our opinion — is silly. However, the stress is zero. If you want to lose weight, Your main task – to reduce the number of calories consumed on the daily basis. To do this, you need to first get a food diary in which you note everything you eat throughout the day. We would not deceive ourselves, do not write everything you eat, even if I tried.

Keep an eye out for a couple of days. You have to understand, how much you eat in calories a day, and what foods or meals are the most nutritious.

Then it's all easy. To calculate how many calories per day you should consume based on Your lifestyle. Now, if you want to lose weight, do not reduce the number of calories and eat less than usual. If you want to do this, you can replace it with a high-calorie food for a healthy and low fat, or lower in place. if you are not able to completely abandon the usual food. The less You consume the calories in a day, the more effective you are going to lose weight. However, don't overdo it. Better to lose weight slowly and smoothly.

It will be good to learn how to make a menu for the day, depending on caloric content of the food and its tastes, preferences and lifestyle. However, for the sake of clarity, we will give an example, you could look like Your living to me.

A sample of the menu

The breakfast served. A glass of kefir, yogurt, or fresh juice, a sandwich with egg, cheese, avocado and tomato (a slice of low-fat cottage cheese, one egg, half avocado, a few cherry tomatoes, one mandarin orange or a grapefruit. A cup of coffee or tea, without the sugar. It has about 498 calories.

Lunch. About 200 g of low-fat yogurt, vegetables, lettuce (salad leaves, ¼ tbsp. a cabbage, two grated carrots, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, canned peas, a little bit nuts, all of the light sauce to the filling, you can sprinkle it with lemon). If you don't overdo it with the sauce, you get about 470 calories.

Dinner. Brown rice, half a Cup of soy beans, broccoli (5-6 buds), boiled, or steamed, a bit of fried shrimps (medium size, approx 15 pieces). You can of the spices, add a teaspoon of soy sauce, a little garlic, vegetable oil, and ginger. The result — 493 kcal.

Snacking throughout the day can be a citrus (grapefruit, pomelo, orange), white, or red-wine grapes, but in small quantities, green apple, etc., to your taste. Oh, that you would expect to spend around 100 kcal.

In its entirety, as a result of in a day, you'll have about 1574 destination. This number may be reduced or increased, depending on Your lifestyle and the type of results you want.

Furthermore, to maintain the weight loss also, try to constantly monitor the caloric content of your diet and should not be used regularly to be higher than normal.

Expert advice

a weight loss of 40

The first thing you need to do is to go to a doctor (endocrinologist, gynaecologist). Why is that? By the beginning of the changes have to be made from the self. If there is any violation of the hormonal levels of a diet, and a healthy menu, it will not help you. Well, first of all, make sure that there are no such health problems.

The following guidance of your a look at your daily menu, and to radically change the traditional system of care. The new board needs to follow the following rules:

  1. You need to refrain from eating fried and oily. It is better to prefer boiled and steamed products. You can also bake the food, but without the use of oil with the use of special paper, foil or Mat).
  2. Eating should be approached wisely and correctly. The case of the "don't lose the weight" appears when there is no food. Be sure to eat every 3 to 4 hours, and in this case, the metabolism will be at an adequate level throughout the day, instead of having to jump in if you have some of the rare.
  3. The parts should be small, so as not to overload the body, including the pancreas.
  4. If you want to lose weight, after 40 years, it is not necessary to completely give up sweets. It is sufficient to reduce the amount of sugar. None of the victims, is a stark rejection of the sugar, which will significantly increase the risk of failure.
  5. The entry to the menu of foods with a low glycemic index, and reducing the the consumption of of high. What is the glycemic index? In simple terms, is a measure of how quickly carbohydrates are digested and how fast it increases the level of sugar in the blood. The smaller this index is, the more comfortable the body in the process of digestion.
  6. As mentioned earlier, the diet, you need to focus on protein and complex carbohydrates.
  7. Don't forget about the water. The need to drink it when I want to, as always. The feeling of thirst is a sign of dehydration. This is particularly important in order to avoid this, a woman after 40. So, watch for day to day use around 2 liters of water.
  8. Your menu should include plenty of fruits and vegetables, milk and milk products. Try to eat less meat and more fish and seafood.
  9. There is no need to be in a hurry. Take a meal for at least 20 minutes, without having to be distracted by anything (TV, books, computers, etc.). By eating consciously, you will be satisfied more quickly.
  10. If you are watching calories, you might want to stay at around 1,500 Calories on a daily basis. It's not that difficult to limit yourself to 900 Calories, but keep in mind, what are the implications of this to me.
  11. The rule of "don't eat after 6", it's wrong. It is important that the last meal was 3 hours before going to bed. In extreme cases, it is permitted for one hour before going to bed drink a glass of yogurt.

How to lose weight fast-a man after 40

Not only women dream of a slim figure. However, many people also want nice toned bodies, no "beer belly". Here are a few guidelines for weight loss for men of a certain age:

  1. A major tip of the small meals 4-5 times a day. One portion of food the size of three fists.
  2. The workout needs to be 3-4 times a week. Useful as a cardio and weight.
  3. Aside from your diet, fast food, fatty foods, alcohol, simple carbohydrates. Lean meats, fish, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables – the Cornerstone of your menu.
  4. You can afford to, once a week, eat the favorite, but harmful to the high energy value of the product.
  5. A good night's sleep, and go to bed early.
  6. The last installment shall not be later than 3-4 hours before going to bed.
  7. Drink it throughout the day, at least 2.5 liters of water.

For men, it is important to get enough protein. Don't give up. Replace the fatty pork for the less nutritious varieties.

A Folk remedy for weight loss

The advice of a nutritionist when you weight loss at 40 years of age, it can often seem impossible to a busy work schedule or if they are a big load of at your home. However, there is a tool, which is easy to use at home. To prepare this herbal decoction, or any purifying of the body, it is possible to while the day to day at home.

Here are a few simple and useful recipes:

  1. Herb — Helichrysum, chamomile, st. john's wort and birch buds, and the beer and the boiling of water (1 tablespoon per ½ liter of water and drink the morning on an empty stomach and at night before going to bed, in the glass. This is the soup you will start the cleansing process.
  2. For 3 days a week, in order to fully extract the salt from all the food. This is the set up of the digestion process.
  3. On the contrary, the shower, stimulates blood circulation, improves the tone of the skin.
  4. Instead of a dinner daily to drink a glass of yogurt.
  5. Prepare a decoction of corn to 6 tablespoons. l. pour 2 tbsp. in the room temperature water, let stand and boil for 20 minutes. The norm 1 day. The decoction should be divided into 4 servings and drink throughout the day between meals.
weight loss

If, after such procedures have become less you weigh, so the folk remedies for you is ideal.