Diet menu for weight loss belly and sides

Fat deposits often collect in the area of the sides and belly. These areas are the most difficult to fix, and they have to be affected in different ways at the same time. Diet for weight loss and belly will help you to get rid of the excess fat built up under the skin. They will help you to lose weight, vegetables, fruits, proteins, fiber, and bran cereals. The exclusion from the diet of fried and fatty foods, will help you the first week for the reduction of body fat. Please read the following article and you will learn how to lose weight in my stomach and sides.

The diet, the weight loss stomach when we have to don't forget

a diet for stomach and sides

The phrase "a woman without a belly is like a wedding without the bride", often remind us of those who are trying to treat the "weak point" of the image with a sense of humor. And, really annoyingly, the highest point in the physiological alibi: the fat in this area, as well as on the buttocks and thighs, which show, for hormonal reasons, difficult for the press to women, it is not available to the character (although, of course, if you want to, you can get the absorption of the muscles). According to the medical reports, the body of any of the fair sex containing 12 to 15% of additional fat, which is necessary for normal hormone metabolism and for the functioning of the reproductive organs.

But one thing — a delicious, soft belly, and quite another — a delicate question about it of the layer of fat cells that affect the appearance and self-esteem, and health. And the question is, diet for weight loss the abdomen (and is often just about any effective diet for weight loss) always occurs in such a situation. The exact amount of fat in the body, especially in the city, you can only show the modern medical facilities. However, the surplus is often visible to the naked eye, and belly fat accumulate not only fat, but, in General, slender people.

A clearly protruding belly, with a total thinness — an opportunity to reflect not only on enhancing physical activities and a change in diet, but also on a visit to the doctor. The deposits of the belly of the predictable lead a sedentary lifestyle, sedentary work, irregular and unhealthy diet with too little fiber and protein, and the abundance of harmful and artificial products, sweets, fat, and flour.

All of these factors lead to disruption of metabolic processes in the body, and, consequently, to the deposition of adipose tissue in the abdominal cavity, the oblique muscles, which, from the lack of the load, and the excess of faith becoming sluggish and weak, and it would not have been able to keep the tone of the.

Here is a "must have" and diet for weight loss and belly! Also, don't forget to stress: a result of mental or physical stress and fatigue hormone, cortisol initially causes the body to set up the gun, and injurious, and then put the products in the store, you can be placing a reserve in a Central location. The production of cortisol and, as a consequence, a sharp change in the "front view", is it possible to speak of Cushing's syndrome.

For all of us, women, is another factor in the risk of becoming pregnant, which is a muscle, and the skin is stretched, "which opens up the way of body fat. Unfortunately, the effect of the abuse of the strict diet! However, which has led to the increase in the fat content, the situation can still be corrected for the better and to "put the stomach in place to seriously deal with the issue. Good to help diet for weight loss the stomach.

The war on the decision of the application

The hips, abdomen, and flanks in women, in our own days, called the problem areas. It is in these parts of the female body, it is observed that the accumulation of excess fat, which is so hard to get rid of it. The reason for this is simple physiology. Nature has taken care of that the woman's body at any moment, you could deal with the child-bearing function is to transport, deliver, and feed a child, and, therefore, the award was given to the beautiful half of humanity, with those that hard to the fat reserves.

And even if nature, as the saying goes, don't argue, every girl wishes to remove the belly fat and the fat from the sides of, and thereby opening up the possibilities of your wardrobe. Diet for a flat stomach, in this case, it is not only an efficient way.

To achieve really tangible results in the fight against extra inches around your waist to make use of a holistic approach aimed at both reducing body fat and improving skin tone and elasticity to the muscles. Thus, in order to remove the stomach and hips, it is necessary not only for the food, but the and begin the workout, not the lining for the body and moisturize the skin.

The diet of loss of weight to the sides, and the belly of a

a proper diet

Not to be read by a variety of advertising slogans, but to get rid of the fat in the waist, which won't work without a special carbohydrate diet for weight loss belly and sides. This weight loss program is designed to assist local action, to remove fat from problem areas, and to adjust the rest of the body. The main factor is the diet, there is a complete cessation of Smoking and any alcohol.

It has been proven that Smoking and alcohol significantly disturbs the metabolism, and the beer is actually nourishing the body with female hormones and which cause the deposition of fat in the waist and abdomen. It is not surprising that the use of these products does not reach the harmony while weight loss.

A diet for stomach and sides, also includes a partial power, by the consumption of food, on the principle often enough. Food is consumed every 2 to 3 hours after the occurrence of the sensation of hunger. The portions should be small, and the table will have to go a bit hungry, due to the fact that the intensity is coming in 15 minutes after a meal. A meal should last for at least 20 minutes, and are in a good mood. In this case, food in your stomach to gradually shrink, each time requiring less and less quantity of the food.

Fast diets for of the stomach, which is supposed to include food products, such as the following:

  • Berries, fresh fruits and vegetables;
  • Cereals;
  • The price of eggs;
  • Beans;
  • Nuts, and seeds.
  • Milk and other dairy products;
  • Olive oil and sunflower oil;
  • Fish and seafood;
  • Lean meat (chicken or Turkey).

It is forbidden to consume the following products:

  • I;
  • Margarine;
  • Full-cream milk;
  • Starchy and sweet in any form,
  • Canned;
  • Cereals, and soups;
  • Deep fried food.

Diet to quickly remove belly and flanks, it is proposed that you drink lots of whether simple or mineral water (minimum 8 glasses per a day), herbal or green tea.

What food should include a diet for a flat stomach

Using a food

If the time does not play a special role for you and you don't want to go on a strict diet to the stomach to the flat stomach, note the fibrous food. As food fills the stomach, blunting hunger, but does not cause any negative side effects, such as bloating or constipation.

It is based diet for a flat stomach is the need of grain and vegetables, rich in fiber is whole grains, brown rice, beans, apples, are very good, the cucumber, the pumpkin, the variety of greens, seaweed. These products can be made chic with a varied menu.

I am often asked – is it possible to add in the diet and of artificial. You can, of course, it only makes sense – if you are eating normal foods, the extra fiber does not make sense. In any case, if you do decide to do it, start in small doses, drink more water and follow up with the chair.

The fruits of the

Of course, diet for a flat stomach is essential includes, of the fruit. The more, the better, but the fruit, one dish, and not in addition to that, a bowl of cereal. The best way to get a flat stomach, it will be our first apples and pears, and imported grapefruit, and oranges. Again, don't bother with the other dishes, eat them alone, I was looking for a Breakfast, together with yoghurt (eat an Apple or a pear) and a small snack (a grapefruit or an orange).

The proteins of the

Protein is an important component of a healthy metabolism. Therefore, in the diet for a flat stomach at least two times a week for lunch, should be a good piece of fish with veggies, and white meat of the chicken, and the orange and two egg whites would be great for dinner. Plus, nuts and seeds, which contain a healthy for the body, oils, and plant proteins. Their use, however, it would not be a strong burden for the kidneys to add to your diet for a flat stomach in about 50 grams of product on a daily basis.

Salad oil and gas

A few words about the oil – it is they, not the mayonnaise or the sour cream should be added to the salad, if you are using the diet to get a flat stomach. In the first place, is the olive, you can use refined vegetable. The best lettuce to remove the belly, it's just the vegetables.

One more tip – that they want to make a flat stomach, then try to use such a diet for the belly, where you have to eat often, but small portions. When I was doing the stomach, eat five to six times a day in small portions.

Sample menu diet for weight loss belly and sides

menus for weight loss

It is important to eat small portions but often. On average, it turns out, there are about five servings in a day. You need to keep track of the water is recommended to drink up to 2 litres of clean drinking water. Don't forget about the full sleep mode. Often, the excess weight, due to the lack of sleep.

To eat for weight loss the stomach and to the side of the woman in 7 days

  1. The proteins of the
  • Lunch: boiled chicken breast, fresh fruit, whatever. As a drink, maybe coffee, but no sugar. You can add a little honey.
  • Snack: Cup of nonfat yogurt.
  • Lunch: vegetable salad, boiled chicken.
  • Snack: low fat cottage cheese (if you want to, you can add raisins, dried apricots, or strawberries).
  • Dinner: chicken and any vegetables.
  1. The cereal (mainly rice) + vegetables (no starch)
  • Breakfast: Fig. Can you make the risotto. The juice or compote without sugar.
  • Snack: a fruit. A lot of fresh pineapple.
  • Lunch: vegetable stew (do not add oil), Fig.
  • Afternoon snack: fruit.
  • Dinner: rice, salad of fresh vegetables, you can fill it with olive oil)
  1. Easy
  • Breakfast: a light but hearty salad. For example: a boiled egg, cheese, lettuce. You can drink tea, compote, uzvar, which is the most important thing is no sugar.
  • Snack: a fruit. A good fat burning, such as grapefruit.
  • Lunch: steamed fish and vegetables (especially green ones).
  • Supper: the cup of low-fat yogurt or yogurt.
  • Dinner: the rabbit (cooked, stewed), and a light salad.
  1. Favorite
  • Breakfast: oatmeal (cook in water). You can add dried fruit or berries.
  • Snack: a fruit. A perfect Apple or a citrus fruit.
  • Lunch: soup (vegetable, squash, onion) the food.
  • Dinner: salad from fresh vegetables.
  • Dinner: Buckwheat, a glass of tomato juice.
  1. The fruits of the
  • Breakfast: you can prepare scrambled eggs by adding cheese and vegetables. Do not use any oil.
  • Snack: fruit salad, which is allowed to fill in the low-fat yogurt.
  • Lunch: chicken, cooked (chicken, rabbit, veal). As a suitable side dish of boiled beans.
  • Afternoon snack: fruit.
  • Dinner: buckwheat and tomato juice.
  1. Neither fish nor fowl
  • Breakfast: all the cereals, preferably rice, or buckwheat), salad.
  • Snack: a fruit.
  • Lunch: soup with a low fat content.
  • Snack: cottage cheese (nonfat) with berries, or dried fruit. Allowed to add to the yoghurt.
  • Dinner: fish (boiled, baked), vegetable salad.
  1. The plant
  • Breakfast: boiled meat (chicken, beef, Turkey, rabbit, salad.
  • Snack: cottage cheese, low-fat content with dried fruit or berries.
  • Lunch: vegetable stew with the addition of meat (chicken, veal, Turkey, rabbit.
  • Afternoon snack: a Cup of low-fat yogurt.
  • Dinner: boiled meat (from those allowed) and vegetables.

From the menu, you can adjust it according to the prohibited, and is recommended to eat the products. You can drink fruit drinks, teas, juices, but no sugar added. And don't forget to clean the water. This is an effective diet for weight loss belly and sides.

Protein diet for weight loss stomach

The proteins of the other a loyal ally of the warrior, sent on a bumpy, you can fight with the arrogant mage. Protein not only plays a lot of a satiating capacity, but also to slow the process, allowing you to avoid the insulin emission, which we have discussed above.

In the event of a loss of weight stomach the protein content of the diet also plays a very important role, "supplier": either as a purely gastronomic actions, it is important to combine exercise and a regular of a sufficient supply of protein it is not allowed to dwindle to the existing muscle and to provide the building material for its reinforcement and development.