Menus for weight loss

The additional weight, it is not difficult, it is difficult to get rid of them. Often for weight loss a man sits on a strict diet, but after all the pounds usually come back. The body begins to make reserves in the form of fat deposits on the sides for the next diet. How to break this vicious circle? Nutritionists say that you need to eat right constantly, and offer their developed menus for weight loss every day.

proper menu for weight loss

The main rule of healthy diet for weight loss is to eat fewer calories than you can consume during the day. In this case, the lack of calories will be spent for the "garbage" that is going to disappear body fat. Right, the list of dishes for daily use for weight loss from 7 days to paint each and every detail, with recipes for their preparation. Use of products that contain slow carbohydrates, for a long time, nourishing the stomach, and the man a long time do not feel hunger. Weight loss is slow, but the weight will not be able to go back, especially if you take into account the recommendations of the proper diet constantly.

On the rules of proper nutrition for the observance of every day

The rules of proper nutrition (SP) for weight loss:

  • There, if that is required by the stomach. The digestion process requires energy. Nature is that starvation occurs when energy reserves are depleted. When you take in food, not hungry, it will not bring favor, and go fully into fat deposits.
  • Food must chew it slowly and thoroughly. If it is fast, this leads to overeating, because the stomach is filled and did not have time to signal to the brain about your satiation. Well processed pieces of food give the body vitamins and other nutrients.
  • Please note the correct receive mode for writing. As a rule, people stick to the 4 meals per day, meals: Breakfast 35%, lunch – 25%, snack – 15%. A rich Breakfast provides a good metabolism, so that it cannot be excluded, in the morning or eat a sandwich and a Cup of coffee. Mandatory snacks to not be hungry, but you don't have to be rich and a lot of calories.
  • At the food, do not drink anything. This applies to all drinks: tea, coffee, juice, water, juice and others. Excess fluid hampers the digestion and settles on the walls of the intestine, decompose and cause different diseases. You can drink any drink 15 minutes after a meal.

PP is not a diet for weight loss that lasts every time. The selected diet should be practiced your entire life, especially if there is a predisposition to weight gain.

About healthy nutrition in the diet

The development of the weekly menu, include dishes of protein, help with weight loss do not lose muscle tissue. Protein required by the body, found in fish, eggs, lean meat, dairy products, cheeses. They need to always enter the menu. You want to reduce the amount of food salt, food salt directly in the bowl and use a pinch of salt. Every day should be take 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil: olive or linseed. It lowers the level of cholesterol and reduces blood viscosity, increases the elasticity of blood vessels.

Please note: the Diet menu includes food for the day: vegetable and fruit products fresh, including the vegetables, and foods with fiber: cereals, peas, bran, sharps.

Menus for weight loss

For weight loss should be excluded from the use of the cans, because they are harmful substances, limitation of processed products: sausages, smoked meat, carbonated beverages, especially sweet baking. It is recommended to take alcoholic beverages, shall be deemed, with a large amount of calories and increase appetite.

PP weight loss has its own nuances, in part, the size should not exceed the size of one fist women. For the first time switching to a proper diet will be difficult, the feeling of hunger can lead to failure, therefore, is allowed to eat some fresh vegetables or a soup with them. Along with clean water, try to drink herbal and green teas, low fat kefir and yoghurt, juices, vegetables that cause weight loss. Making weekly menus for weight loss every day, you need to consider the required amount of calories to really lose weight.

Below is a sample menu for a week for weight loss.

Day for weight loss Mealtime What to eat for weight loss
Monday Breakfast 0.2 kg of Hercules on the water
Snack 50 g of hard cheese, tea
Lunch 0.15 kg of salad, vegetables, 300 ml of soup, 2 slices brown bread
Dinner 80 g of boiled veal with roast vegetables
Tuesday Breakfast 150 g cottage cheese with raisins and dried apricots
Snack 50 g nuts and low fat kefir
Lunch 120 g of fish taken in the steamer, and a salad of seasonal vegetables
Dinner omelette of two eggs and a salad of green vegetables
Environment Breakfast 150 grams of muesli with a glass of yogurt
Snack cheesecake with a Cup of yogurt
Lunch braised mushrooms 120 g fresh cucumbers
Dinner 0.2 kg of cheese, vegetable salad
Thursday Breakfast omelet of two eggs, a piece of bread with bran
Snack fresh fruit
Lunch 0.2 kg of steam fish, cucumbers and tomatoes
Dinner 0.2 kg of baked beans, soft cooked egg
Friday Breakfast 100 g of cheese and a banana
Snack 50 g nuts, hazelnuts and a Cup of yogurt
Lunch cabbage soup 300 ml, buckwheat porridge 150 g
Dinner beefs it up a steak on the grill, with a mass of 150 g, salad of seasonal vegetables
Saturday Breakfast 0.2 kg of rice, porridge with milk, a Cup of tea
Snack Apple, a Cup of yogurt
Lunch 150 g of boiled chicken, 200 g of sugar beet salad
Dinner 150 grams fish on the grill, vegetables and rye bread
Sunday Breakfast 2 boiled eggs and tea
Snack 150 g cottage cheese with raisins and prunes
Lunch 300 ml of soup, stew of beefs it up to 150 g and steamed vegetables
Dinner lean fish steamed, beet salad with 150 g of dried plums and some rye bread
proper menu for weight loss for the week

Menus for weight loss fairly inexpensive, available and expensive products. Perfect for the young and healthy girls who want to look slim and toned. Food made so that the day does not feel hunger.

Meals for weight loss menus with recipes for the day

It is necessary to enter in the PP for weight loss, healthy and natural products. An important role for their thermal processing. It is not allowed to fry food, or on its surface formed a crust, which contains toxins that are harmful to health. A healthy diet involves cooking food in steam, boiling, stewing and baking.

Menu of proper nutrition for every day for weight loss with recipes:

  • Cooked beef. A piece of the file on beefs it up, rinsed under running water and place in boiling water. Allow to cook 2-3 minutes, remove the meat from the broth, and pour. Then put fresh water for the soups and the meat cut into portions, put in boiling water, add salt and pepper. After 50-60 minutes of boiling, the soup, put a bunch of mixed greens, not crushing. Cook 10 minutes and get the meat from the broth.
  • Oven baked fish. Take all fish, low-fat varieties, for example, flounder. It is necessary to prepare the tomatoes and a little cheese, spices and lemon. Washed and cleaned the carcass of the fish put on a tray for baking, a pre-put need foil. Sprinkle fish with lemon juice and pepper. Place the fish slices of tomatoes and sprinkle with the grated cheese. Wrap the butt in foil and place in the oven for 25-30 minutes.
  • Casserole of cheese. Enough packs of cheese, some eggs, 3 tablespoons flour and raisins. Separate the yolks from the whites and mix them with ricotta, flour and raisins. Whites a good whip and add to the overall dish. Stir and put in the form, to make a smooth surface. Place in the oven at 180 ° C and bake for half an hour.

For weight loss has been effective, it is necessary to recognize, simple food, not the newfangled condiments and spices. Just in the process of losing weight, of them would not give up, but to apply you need to have for the finished dish on the plate.

Practical To diet for weight loss more effective, you need every day to eat grapefruit, often consume vegetables, salads and homemade yoghurts.

They promote weight loss, eliminate the feeling of hunger and discomfort in the intestine. If you meet all of the rules and in accordance with the dietary guidelines, recommendations, menu, then weight loss will be even slower, but stable. In addition to the extra pounds after the weight loss never come back. Suggested menu for weight loss is perfectly balanced and allows you to satisfied also the maximum stretching of the stomach.