Set of exercises for weight loss

You have extra weight you want to lose weight, but they have already experienced a number of diets without any result? Then on a normal balanced diet, you need to add the regular performance of physical exercises. If the energy costs will be higher than its amount in the diet you will definitely lose weight.

the complex of exercises for weight loss

The impact of physical exercise on the human body

The effect of exercise based on a significant increase in energy costs, the normalization of all types of metabolism, the greater the breakdown of fat in different organs, improve the functions of all organs and systems, improving fitness and health.

Form of exercise used for weight loss, their volume, their intensity depends on many factors: age, the presence or absence of chronic diseases, training of man, of his individual peculiarities and so on. So, for people young and middle age, without cardiovascular disease have shown, in particular endurance exercise (walking, jogging, swimming, rowing, skiing, and so on) and sports games.

Rules of exercise for weight loss

You can't start with a strenuous exercise, better to do it gradually, especially if the body is not accustomed to this way.

If you have any health problems before you are engaged in gymnastics, it is better to divide the whole course of the weight loss with physical exercises. In the first period, people adapted to a moderate increase in physical activity, using a set of exercises and dosed walking. Improve cardiovascular and respiratory (disappearance of dyspnea and palpitations with exercise), you can move on to the second period, when the full range of physical activity combined with more intense endurance training (Running, swimming, rowing and the like).

Every day exercises are recommended long-term (one session should last 45-60 minutes and more). Mainly used exercises for the major muscle groups, perform them with a large range of motion and alternate with breathing exercises. Often used Mahi, circular motion in the major joints, exercises with moderate weights and with various objects (balls, gymnastic sticks etc). Great attention is paid to the abdominal muscles. In the set of exercises that assessed walking and Running.

Set of exercises for weight loss

This set of exercises, you can perform the first once a day, then twice, gradually increasing the total time elapsed on the clock:

  • stand straight with your hands out, slowly stretch on his toes, straightening his back; the trail to the foot, the descent of the arm (to start with 5-6 times to get to 10-12 times);
  • lie on your stomach, raise up together on the floor, arms, legs, and head while the tensioning of the muscles of the back; return to its original position (to start with 2 to 4-fold, to reach 10-12);
  • stand up straight, slightly bending the knees, lean forward, drop your hands to the back; bend your back as possible and slightly move the body, as if trying to touch the knees (start with 2 to 4-fold, to reach 10-12);
  • kneel, then sit on your heel; an energetic movement to straighten your torso, at the same time raise the hands above the head; tilt the torso to the left and right (start with 2 to 4-fold, to reach 10-12);
  • stand straight with your legs together, straining the muscles of the gluteus, slowly stand up on toes, incline torso back as far as possible, and severely straining the muscles of the back; to maintain balance, hands pull back and push them in the buttocks (to start with 2 to 4-fold, to reach 10-12);
  • get on your knees, legs slightly apart; keeping your back straight, move the body over the legs, and then with a quick movement, move the centre of gravity of the body on the arms and straightening them with the body, lie on your stomach (to start with 2 to 4-fold, to reach 10-12).

Breathing exercises

breathing exercises

After each exercise, it is recommended to do breathing exercises. On the basis of the respiratory movement, is the correct sequence of filling the lungs with air when you inhale and drop them from the used air when you exhale. This sequence to ensure uniform participation in the breath of all sides of the lung, to prevent stagnation. The respiratory movement has a positive effect on the internal organs to their massage.

The breath starts by filling the lower part of lung and accompanied by protrusion of the abdomen. Then slowly fill with air for the middle and upper part of the lung expands and rises to the rib cage. Exhalation occurs in the same sequence. First, the exhaled air from the lower part of the lungs (the belly is retracted, the diaphragm is raised). Then lowered the rib cage.

Breathe and need to exhale smoothly, without jerks, to breathe through the nose. Most of the activities of the inspiratory request, that was shorter than the exhale (1, 2 – breath, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 – the exhale). Breathing exercises can be practiced lying down, sitting, standing, walking and running. When walking it looks like this: 1-2 step breath with protrusion of the abdomen, 3-5 steps exhale with the retraction of the abdomen. The breath can be combined with a smooth torso, raising of hands, the splaying of the legs, exhaling with the bending of the housing, reducing or lowering the arms, bending, or flattening feet.

Doing physical exercises, do not forget that from the diet to exclude sweet, starchy and fatty meals. And then you will definitely lose weight.