Running for weight loss – how much you need to run and how to select equipment

The easiest option to start the process of weight loss, that you want to include in your routine regular exercise. Running for fat loss is one of the most effective ways to burn excess calories. Let's look at the features of the Jogging for weight loss.

running for weight loss

Why is running good for weight loss

So not running to lose weight? Let's see.

Problems with excess weight, which is usually typical for people who lead a sedentary lifestyle. Especially now that a good half of the population have personal transportation. Thank you for the cars we stop, not to run and to walk. As a result, the body accumulates fat, and atrophy of the muscles, because of uselessness.

To avoid completeness and unpleasant consequences for the look and health you will need to take in your hands and go for a jog. This is the easiest form of physical activity that is available to all. And first, let it be just brisk walking. When your body adapts, move on to Jogging.

Let us look at how running burns fat?

Running makes your heart work faster, so that this load is used for cardio. At the time of the accelerated heart rate per unit time flowing through the heart more blood than in the stationary state. The lungs begin to work harder, and your blood is actively aerated. Oxygen saturation occurs in all cells of the body, from the tips of the fingers, ending the brain. Metabolic processes begin to flow faster.

Running requires energy. To ensure constant flow, the body uses its internal reserves. First uses glycogen stored in the liver, then in the course are fat in our body. So, running and weight – incompatible concepts. If you're going to move and burn more calories than you consume, excess weight will disappear. Running and weight loss related things.

  • For Jogging (7-9 km / h), the fat burning starts after about 20-30 minutes of continuous operation.
  • Interval training is the process of digestion of fat begins much earlier, it is not necessary to run for one hour for the beginning of fat catabolism. But interval running is a very heavy burden, and that cardio does not fit all.

Mention how running to lose weight, it is important to define the type and duration. If we think that the classic Jogging at an easy pace – training duration should not be less than thirty minutes.

Getting ready to ride

If you want to try to run there is no need to buy expensive equipment, you need only comfortable shoes and casual clothing. All, nothing more is needed.

Select shoes with a sole of average thickness and softness. Sole spikes provide good traction with the ground, but the long run. If there is only so much spring, will this affect stability. Shoes with a thin sole for the purchase of the subject in the one case, when you run on rubberized tracks in terms of stadium or cross-country ski trails. On the sidewalk to run in sneakers, you bounced the joints.

The costume can consist of simple sports pants, t-shirts and t-shirts. When it is cold you need a jacket on top, hat and gloves. All of this should be easy for you to stop sweating. And if the sweat, the clothing should be well remove moisture to the outside.

Cheap synthetic clothes can not effectively remove the moisture, you will sweat. More expensive models can do it. So if you have a good income, do not skimp on the clothing.

If you don't want to have to buy another jacket, you can do a sweater. This is a proven option – warm and comfortable.

Mode and power

For beginner runners it is important to consider the consistency of training. If you run twice, and stop – a feeling that it will not.

how to lose weight with running

Except, when running should be slightly corrected your diet is to switch to more healthy eating for weight loss. Together with Jogging, it will help clean the belly and other problem areas.

Combining diet and Running activity, you can lose weight much faster than with diet or sports.

When you run – you decide. You can practice Jogging every day in the morning or to go out in the evening. The best time for running is when you are most comfortable. You are a lark and wake up at 6 am to run in the morning! If you are a night owl and all day they are at work or school – select, Jogging in the evening. Night running is not necessary. The body at this time should be sleeping, not considering that it an owl or a lark.

Running for weight loss you need to carry out 3-6 times a week. How many times a week do depend on the length of run. The more classes, the less can the last race. But remember, how to lose weight running through your goal, the more and more you move, the more intense will be the process.

Where it is possible to remove the fat that runs through the

Will running lose weight in your legs – definitely. Because running work leg, good running for weight loss legs first. More specifically, let's say, the fat goes to all the body, but due to the muscle workout your feet will look more slim and toned. Proper running for weight loss will also contribute to caring for fat from the buttocks, hips, thighs and any other problem areas.

Spot for care fat, that does not happen. Don't expect to magically the fat will go away only with the belly. Really, running remove belly fat will certainly help, but the extra inches will leave not only with the waist, the upper part of the body is also lose weight.

So no need to bother, better to run to lose weight on legs, or at another place, the problem area, fat will go in parallel with other parts of the body.

Running technique for weight loss

There are several ways of leadership, which can be used as a means to achieve the goal.

Running in place

For a modest, is Running on the site, home to the weight loss. You will need to stand in any room of your home and run. Jogging in place for weight loss different from the normal run that you simply lift up the knees and put his feet on the socks. This is done quickly, on each leg jump a little. Hands in the same motions as in a real run.

So, running for weight loss you can practice from the comfort of home, without buying special exercise equipment. The only minus is very boring. As Vysotsky sang, "the first one is left behind and..." there is no competitive incentive. The picture before my eyes is not changed, and your neighbors may react negatively to noise.

But, no matter what anyone said, this Jogging help you to lose weight, as well as all other types of cardio. If you have enough patience – your objective you will achieve.

If you want to use running for weight loss belly, you must raise high the knees. In this case, more involved in the lower part of the abdomen.

Interval running

A strong incentive for the activation of catabolic processes in the body, is interval running.

Its essence is simple: you run for 5 minutes at a normal pace, and then rise to 20-40 seconds, then 2-5 minutes to restore pulse and breathing. Then repeat the acceleration. One cardiovascular exercise that you can do 4-6 acceleration. How will allow your body.

This type of run allows you to quickly remove belly and flanks, helps to burn fat in all problem areas.

The peculiarity is that it is interval running pushes the body in the anaerobic limit. Muscles not getting enough oxygen for the implementation of the normal oxidation of glucose. At the end, in the muscle starts on the anaerobic process in which the metabolite is lactic acid, which gives all the familiar burning sensation. So interval running affects the metabolism, which means that extreme cardio. I know the measure of the excess of interval running can hurt you!

In other words, interval running, for all its efficiency has a big disadvantage – not everyone can try it. Contraindications are problems with the heart, the lungs, pain in the joints. Beginners also best to train in traditional ways.

how they work

That is, although the most effective jogging for weight loss because of some limitations, this is the most common.

But the next way to lose weight, it can be recommended to almost everyone. All the running around the Running is an optimal combination of load and security.


This running is forcing the heart to work to the limit, but puts calorie consumption to a new level. The lesson is long, but very useful. This Run is healthy.

Jog anyone who has no obvious health problems. Because this movement is only slightly more intense than walking with him.

Weight loss may be a person who, without damage to the body gradually lose weight through regular Course.

Many of us have got used to go Jogging in the morning, but Running in the evening for weight loss are also effective. As we have already mentioned, is the main thing, do not try to train at night, as the body needs to sleep.

Savings keeping the cellulite, shortness of breath, pressure spikes, fatigue. It also improves mood, stabilizes the nervous system, nourishes the cells with oxygen.

How much of a positive side to such an easy class! Costs include regular work in your life, right?

The duration and frequency of runs

A reasonable question, if you use running for weight loss how much to run?

Replied: have to run on the day, or 5-6 times a week. At least – nothing will, often you're tired fast.

  • The minimum time for every run, Running should be for 30 to 40 minutes.
  • The maximum time interval running for 20-30 minutes.

Safer and beneficial to jog for 45-60 minutes at a comfortable pace. This work of the muscles, and gradual degradation of fat and the heart.