Proper nutrition: menus for every day for weight loss

Probably each of us at least one day of sitting on a diet. Their hundreds and they are all effective, if you believe in advertising. And she is — is very skilled and often leads to the authors, the wonderful fees.

Take, for example, diet Pierre D. a Very popular thing to do... that has destroyed the health of thousands of women and men all over the world. But the author is a respected doctor with many years of experience. However, it is then still Associations of doctors was expelled. But sales are not affected.

proper diet for weight loss

Or diet Elena Malysheva. It's amazing how the most popular television doctor in the country offers to eat the food packages... And what is loved by a lot of mono-diet of rice, kefir, Apple... Let us recall yet Herbalife and sellers of eggs of tapeworms. It is amazing what ill-considered steps we're going to fight for the harmony! Now remember or better write down in a visible place:

Important! Not of nutrition, except for medical indications (table 1-15), is not healthy! Not looking for easy ways, in spite of the positive reviews and promising photos.

Our body every day is doing a tremendous job. Every second there are millions of complex processes, most of which even scientists have not yet discovered. And for normal movement, the body which has got to eat. And here we have him, in order to maintain the image of the BAM! — get it today only yogurt. Or An Apple. And so punctually.

Well, of course, the process of weight loss will not keep you waiting, but for what price? And then we complain of reduced immunity, gastritis, depression, some of the girls are completely in the operating... such cases are very widespread.

In General, I suggest, to understand that the diet, except medical, that is bad. And also in all respects a healthy, productive, rational — in General, a proper diet. But in his principles we now have to deal with. How menu healthy diet for weight loss every day for the girls and we'll talk further.

The basic principles of PP

In fact, proper nutrition is very simply and abide by its principles is fairly easy... If you live in the village and not see a variety of smoked meat, desserts, breakfast cereals, and the adequacy of food. You will have to work hard to learn to ignore them, on the shelves. Hey, legs, we are in the other Section! Mark, vegetables, meat and food products.

Important! Properly balanced diet means a reduction in the use of the "wrong" foods — sweets, fatty and salty foods, foods that increase appetite.

Seems pretty simple, but is extended to the shelves.

That this is possible

Nutritionists is a lot of tables for weight loss, you can safely take. But in fact, the correct diet for weight loss is a medical-table №8. So nothing new and revolutionary there. This is not the magic of some types, such as weight loss according to blood group. Maybe that's due to the lack of "features" of this diet and not cause a violent rush. And it is in vain.

Arsenal of useful products in PP is very rich. This grain, vegetables, unsweetened fruit, mushrooms, lean meat, fish, eggs, low-fat dairy products, dry fruits, nuts, seafood (here, it is possible to roam!), dining greens, seaweed, wholegrain bread and more. Our mission is to reduce the amount of fatty and sugary foods, increase the intake of vitamins and fiber.

Following the advice and menus of competent nutritionists, to respect the principle of the pyramid:

  1. The basis of the diet is slow carbohydrate (pasta, durum wheat, whole wheat bread, oatmeal), polyunsaturated fatty acids (Flaxseed oil, remember?), the vegetables and fruit. In addition to this, vegetables must be greater than approximately one-third.
  2. In the second place are products containing proteins of animal and vegetable origin (fish, poultry, eggs, nuts, legumes).
  3. On a third dairy products (milk, yogurt, cheese). If you have problems with digestion this product category, will have to be replaced with preformed calcium and vitamin D3.
  4. The fourth red meat and fast carbs (candy, pork, beef).

The pyramid may be slightly different for different groups of people. For example, for vegetarians and raw foodists. The same is also true for people with health problems. The list of permitted products will have to be adjusted in accordance with the peculiarities of the digestive and endocrine system disorders (gastritis, ulcers, diabetes, etc).

about the food

Restrict and how

To finally get rid of belly fat, you need to limit all my favorites. Actually, it is all settled in the fourth step of the pyramid. Oh, and it's hard to lose weight in the winter! But will in a fist and delete from shopping list:

  • white bread and sweet pastries;
  • sweet drinks;
  • chocolate as black;
  • fatty meat;
  • sausages;
  • canned;
  • fat dairy products;
  • sauces, mayonnaise, creams;
  • fast food delivered to the home and on the street;
  • snacks (crackers, chips, snacks... fu fu fu, throw it out immediately!)

Hard limit will have to load it on sweets, alcohol, sweet fruit and butter.

Completely abandon sweet not! Glucose is the energy of all life processes. The other thing is that they can come in different forms and from different products. A glass of Coca-Cola and a sweet Apple, you see, is not the same thing.

Has an important value and time the consumption of candy. You can eat candy before dinner, use up the received energy to the end of the day. However, in the evening eat yogurt cheese is a bad idea.

The same is true for fat. Are categorically excluded from the menu, because they participate in metabolic processes. Replace animal fats with vegetables, opt for the polyunsaturated, it is the health of the blood vessels, beauty, hair and cellulite a great solution.

But! Ladies, if you think that you will die without a piece of cake — you eat it, for God's sake! You do not lose weight by drying, before the competition for a million dollars. Don't eat the whole piece and a half and punishing yourself for that extra couple of miles on the treadmill. Because, as practice shows, if we do not eat a little piece at the week, for sure, you will eat the whole cake... And this is the breakdown.

To avoid such consequences, allow yourself a little reasonable concessions, especially at the beginning. But the compensation, or sport, or unloved tasks around the house. Be honest to yourself and it is likely that the next time, the cake does not seem so attractive.

The truth about diet myths on the benefits and harm of specific products available see the video below. Nutritionists explain this popular, without abstruse terms.

How to cook

If you have followed all the rules, and then fried in oil food, which they forgot. It is clear, that is cooked, though not the tastiest, but it seems like the most useful. However, this is debatable, because the more food is subjected to heat treatment, the less it is still useful substances. If so to argue, we quickly understand the benefit raw food diet and vegetarianism, but today it is not.

So, try to eat during the week as many raw vegetables and salads, meat dishes, bake, cook, simmer or cook something. And fried meals really use a little of the fat, cholesterol, carcinogens,... Particularly felt after 45 years and more, if in my youth, the diet has not been addressed.

Food cannot be separate. It is embarrassing and scientifically unfounded. But all the known benefits of soup. It is, of course, cooked vegetable stock. However, if your husband refuses to live without the soup — don't torture yourself and the household.

In General, a lot of talk about the diet, not to explain how it in the family, where the man, for example, a miner, who, without meat is simply not able to work. Cook each separately for employed women is not available, so now, forget the proper diet to lose weight?

junk food

Not at all. Just everything has to be in reason. Eat a delicious soup, but half of the plate. Prepare the most useful food that you can afford in terms of his family, and sharing their own part. The stomach very quickly get used to the small amounts of incoming food, domestic gradually, as more healthy meals, and you will finally be able to confidently say: "I'm really losing weight!"

When and how much to eat

Remembered anecdote:

— The patient, take one tablet six times a day before meals. Doctor, but where can I get all this food?!

This is it, and by the way, this is the case. Eating by the clock is not necessary, however, to sit at the table at least five times a day. The food should be partial and rational. You should eat a healthy Breakfast. Definitely!

Important! Divide your daily intake of calories as follows: Breakfast 30%, lunch 50%, dinner — 20%. Take snacking to the next installments. All the same, in total must not be more than 15% of the total.

Once again, individual principle here should be respected. If necessary, adjust the setting in food:

  1. During an intense workout. Don't miss a half or two hours before exercise and within half an hour after, eat a little protein with vegetables — this will stop the catabolic processes, which will help in rebuilding muscle.
  2. Pregnant women need more calories. But this does not mean that you need to eat for two. Add to your daily diet of only 300-400 calories. And, of course, watch out for the weight of the child.
  3. For breastfeeding moms, it is very important to eat healthy food, especially watch out for the mineral and vitamin composition. Otherwise, the principles of good nutrition meet the requirements of all of the child and recovery of the woman.
  4. For a teenager, and for a child, since his move to the adult table, PP is the perfect choice. If you succeed from childhood to instill in their children a love of healthy food, will save him from many problems in the future.

Drinking regime

You need to drink. Notorious two litres — another cliche written, without adjustment for age, activity, weight, and other factors.

Start the day with a glass of not cold water — this will prepare the stomach for the upcoming load. Drink a glass before lunch and dinner. Do not let to feel thirsty. When you feel dry mouth, it suggests that your body is already dehydrated by 10%.

In short, I will say that proper nutrition is not only and not so much the way to harmony, how many true road to health and longevity. This is a budget and easy, does not require fulfilment of all of the cycles, is also available in the village, in the centre of Paris, it does not cause any problems on the workplace, or during the holidays. In General, the beauty!

How to make the appropriate menu

I'll give some specific examples of the preparation of the menu for clarity. But over time, you should expand your diet, you will find a thematic literature with the recipes for the day, week or even month and all will go like clockwork.

So, I propose a sample menu for three days.

BreakfastTea with low fat cheese, cooked eggOatmeal with strawberries, yogurtOmelette with vegetables, smoothies, fruit
2. BreakfastCottage cheese casseroleSalad of green vegetablesA handful of nuts with dried fruit
LunchVegetable soup, lean beef with buckwheatSoup with seafood, fish cutlet with vegetablesChicken noodle soup, vegetable salad
Afternoon teaYogurt and AppleBananaBaked apples
DinnerFish stew with vegetablesSquid with rice (unpolished!)Chicken breast with millet gruel
The second dinnerA glass of ryazhenka100 grams of cottage cheeseFresh berries

That is a habit to count calories consumed. But without fanaticism! This is terrible, when every unplanned caramel becomes the cause of a nervous breakdown. Be in peace with myself and with all that philosophical. Menu for a week 1200 calories is down the top, the effort that you use, only the ulcer itself will earn.

Important! In the Network many programs for counting calories of foods. Feel free to use them, and soon you will be able, offhand, if you want to know how that weighs in at calories and grams.

menus for weight loss

Also search the Internet for calorie intake in accordance to your age, body weight and level of physical activity. Common standards simply do not exist. A woman aged from 25 to 50 years, should consume from 2,000 to 3,500 calories, depending on the mode of life. Wow loophole, you agree?