Diet for stomach and sides

If you want to remove belly fat need to start to find out the cause for the extra inches in this area, especially if the rest, no problem.


Overweight (body type Apple)

This type of figure is characterized by roundness. The girl in this rather voluminous chest and slim legs. However, the shortcomings of the "Apple", have narrow hips, poorly pronounced buttocks and a bit of a visible waist that has a small belly and flanks.

Type of shape is primarily genetic, features of your structure and metabolism.

Differ the fact that they have more problems with the internal fat than subcutaneous. Visceral fat surrounds the internal organs and its excess can seriously affect the health.

For a correct shape and lead on women's health with this type recommended:

  1. Limited, but it is better to completely exclude all of the flour (pastry with sugar, flour and butter).
  2. To reduce in your diet the consumption of ice cream, cakes, chocolate and fruit, packaged juices.
  3. Add to eat more fiber which is in foods with complex carbohydrates: wholegrain bread, vegetables, oatmeal, brown rice, buckwheat, whole grains.
  4. To calculate your daily protein intake based on age, growth and level of power loads and do not exceed this level in your diet.

Internal fat

The internal or visceral fat is the layer that surrounds all of our internal organs, which ensures a continuous energy supply lo them. Most of the fat around the bowel.

Normally, this layer weighs more than 3 kg. However, if you have extra weight, visceral fat can weigh 30 kg or more. This will lead to health problems because the internal organs will be easily mounted.

belly fat

Calculate how much you have internal fat is very simple, but can help the doctor or specific scales. More prone to the accumulation of visceral fat in the abdomen, people with a number of the "pear" and "Apple".

In order to reduce the amount of internal fat, follow these steps:

  1. Try to move more, walk, run. It is best to find a lesson for all-yoga, dance, swimming. But if it is very large, start with fast walking, Jogging, and signing up with a gym to work with a coach.
  2. Increasing the number of meals to 6, but they are much less know. This is necessary to avoid hunger during the day.
  3. Drink fresh brewed coffee in the morning and start taking vitamin C.
  4. Try to limit the intake of quick carbs and fat. Completely eliminate, that is impossible, but are the source of excess fat.
  5. Drink more water.
  6. Try to avoid stressful situations, and especially take special drugs to combat them.

Weak abdominal muscles

This is also one of the main problems of a large belly. Sometimes even the slender man you can see a small belly, and all this because these muscles.

If the muscles in this area are weakened, then stomach a little slack and not as good as it should support the internal organs.

To address this problem, it is not so difficult:

  1. Increase training number of exercises on a press. Vary these exercises, add weights, number of repetitions.
  2. Toned muscles can be carefully hidden under the subcutaneous fat, so be sure to alternate power loads with aerobic, actively involved in all of the muscles, increases the heart rate and respiratory rate.
  3. Popular today implemented in a "vacuum" that will help tighten the stomach.
excess skin

Excess skin

As a rule, is formed after a rapid weight loss, when it was at the beginning a lot of weight and in just a few months is a a lot of extra pounds. If diet and training is drawn up correctly, sagging belly, are guaranteed.

To cope with this problem, you need to:

  1. Begin to actively care for your skin: scrubs, wraps, masks, firming gels, Facials, massage, rubdown, pouring and more will help the skin to catch up.
  2. In the diet should be only helpful and proper diet, no junk food, sweets, fried, smoked, salty. It's all very quick effect, not only on weight but also on the quality of the skin.

The stagnation in the intestine

Already it is rare, but also happened. The abdomen is inflated. This is one of the signs of intestinal obstruction. Along with swelling there is vomiting, severe pain in the intestine, constipation.

The diagnosis can only physician, so that if you find yourself several symptoms, we urgently need to see a specialist.

Selection of diet for belly

flat stomach

Diet "flat belly"

This has been a very effective diet to lose weight by 7 kg and reduction in waist a few inches.

Basic rules:

  1. Limit the daily intake of energy to 1600 Kcal.
  2. Menu adds more monounsaturated fat.
  3. This diet lasts 4 days and 4 weeks.
  4. In the first 4 days, can not eat salty foods and added to food, salt, excludes complex carbohydrates and foods which can be bloating.
  5. Each meal should contain; olive oil or nuts or avocado or spinach or brussels sprouts or fish or pistachios or almonds.

Sample menu:

  1. Breakfast. Cheese + green apple + green tea without sugar.
  2. Lunch. Chicken breast + cabbage as a salad.
  3. Dinner. Yogurt.

Diet: "Fast and easy"

Characterized in this, that they eat only products from the list and a total of 12. It lasts 6 weeks and allows you to lose weight in the first month by 10 kg.

Basic rules:

  1. Must eat at least 6 times a day, to avoid constant hunger.
  2. Use in the diet of the only products in the list.
drink more water

So that you can eat:

  • beans;
  • nuts;
  • spinach and all green vegetables;
  • dairy products;
  • oatmeal, in the morning you can add sugar and other dishes just a little bit of salt;
  • eggs;
  • peanut butter without sugar;
  • olive oil;
  • chicken, fish, steak not greasy, Turkey;
  • cheese low fat varieties, smoothies with soy and protein;
  • strawberries, apples, grapes;
  • corn, brown rice, whole grain bread, wheat.

In your menu, you can combine any of the products on the list.

Tips for weight loss belly

In order to eliminate belly fat maintain a diet and do the exercises is not enough. If you have changed your diet and adding more physical activity to lose weight, start body. And it should be ready.

But to see the abs, you will need to add more adipem ardens training and reduce the amount of fat consumed.

Because of the appearance of the abdomen could be something that would not immediately start pumping the abdominal muscles can make a big belly is a sign of health problems to cope with which can only a doctor.




Tried diet "fast and easy". The result is remarkable. But I made your changes and before diet starving 1 day, only drink water. The body is cleansed and prepared for human consumption. After that the weight and the belly will be gone very quickly.


Diets I've tried a lot, plus massages, body wraps. The stomach remained. Read more about diet for a slim waist and she liked me. She not only helped me to lose weight but for maintaining weight. I continue to follow, but the calorie content was increased to 2000 Kcal per day. I feel fine and like myself a lot more.