Effective exercises for weight loss at home

In recent times it has become fashionable to go to the gym, to a long-term membership in a fitness club, personal trainer and stick to individual program activities. There is nothing wrong, because the result justifies the cost. But it will not be. In the absence of financial options, you can always find an alternative.

If you select the right exercises for weight loss at home and start to follow them regularly, you can achieve and figure correction and weight loss own efforts. What is most important — motivation and the ability to opt out at the time of exercise distractions.

exercise for weight loss at home


The first error the beginners who are planning to train at home, wish to find the implementation of the programme for quick weight loss. The implementation of the complex hoping to get on the scale, ask my family if they noticed a change.

I don't want to disappoint the fans, but also the most effective exercises do not give such quick results. If you is the path of weight loss, you need to immediately tune into the fact that it will be long. So be patient, and to begin to learn the basic rules of home workout — or to stick to them for a few months?

  1. You will need a training program in which you want to set a time, duration, type and special exercises. If you make it for the first time, use already prepared, which you can download online.
  2. Combine anaerobic exercises (working with weights and other "iron") with aerobic (cardiovascular). For the first it is better to choose evening hours for another morning.
  3. Don't focus on one complex, try to change it as often as possible, the muscles get used to the same loads.
  4. Everyone wants to find the easy exercises, not too lazy after the winter the body. But if your goal is weight loss, will have to work and not 15 minutes a day, on average, at least one hour. The more you feel sorry for yourself — so unobtrusively with the results.
  5. Daily workout, which is not suitable for beginners. Must be a interval of 1-2 days, so your muscles can rest. Over time, you can reduce this period, but only after it reaches a certain level of physical fitness.
  6. The approximate scheme for beginners: first lesson — 15 minutes. With each subsequent workout, add 10 until you reach figure out in 45 minutes. This time is considered ideal.
  7. At first, you can perform simple exercises, but not more than 2 weeks.
  8. Half an hour before a workout, you can drink a glass of room temperature water. After this can be done only after half an hour.
  9. Purchase a comfortable sport clothing and footwear, as well as for the necessary equipment.
  10. And most importantly watch how you eat. Will continue to eat fast food and soda — I think, that in 45 minutes, even the most intense lessons, you will fly into the pipe.
This is interesting. Interval training burn more fat and calories, and therefore more difficult to encourages weight loss.

Types of exercises and types of exercise

yoga exercises for weight loss at home

Exercises can be:

  • Power.This lifting barbells, work with weights, pull-UPS, abs, plank etc, These contribute to an increase in muscle mass and strength. For weight loss good, it is good to burn energy, which can take from carbohydrates. The basis for aerobic exercise. Are complex technologies and large weights. Very intense.
  • Cardio. For weight loss cardio more useful exercitium, which include jumping jacks, squats, twists, tilts, swimming, etc. Very beneficial effect on the heart, improve endurance, but what is most important — effectively reduce body weight by burning fat. The basis of aerobic exercises with a lot of repetitions.
  • Stretching. This fitness exercises, which may be involved in the complex, but they should be only 10-20 % of the entire programme. Their main goal is to develop flexibility of the body. Yeah, this is too much, will spend a certain part of the energy, but not so important to affect the process of weight loss.

For the first 2 weeks, pick the most simple exercises. Should be 4 power, 4 cardio and 2 stretching. As soon as you feel that the body got used to it, locate the program, intervallum workouts, which intelligently combines all these types and give a good load for quick and effective weight loss.

If you meet the network diagram, hypoxic training, know that you do not want them. This sport exercises for professional athletes.

Proven! Perform different types of workouts burn more calories than monotonous exercises, such as aerobics.


All of the exercises start with warm-up. This prevents injury and improves performance. What can you include?

  • Walking (5 minutes);
  • Mahi hands and feet — the bottom-up, rotational;
  • squats: hands behind head or extended in front of him, back straight;
  • jumping rope (5 minutes);
  • the hula Hoop;
  • pivots;
  • rotation of the pelvis.

Remember, weight loss should not harm, and this part of the instruction designed to prepare the body to stress.

Curious fact. According to statistics, most of the Olympic records were taken after lunch. Therefore, many experts believe that the most effective time for exercise from 16.00 to 19.00.

Set of exercises

We offer to your attention a basic MMA workout at home.

For buttocks:

  1. Place your feet shoulder width apart. Bend them at the knee. The angle should be about 90°, so that you can put on a thigh Cup. Feel the tension in the buttocks and legs. Hold this position for as long as possible.
  2. To sit on his haunches. Strong jump as high as possible, return to starting position.

For the feet:

  1. Lie on your back on the floor. Place the palms under the buttocks. Lift the straightened leg. To keep and breed them in different directions.
  2. To kneel, to stretch the hands forward. Sit, alternately on each side, slightly deflecting toward the body. Not to lose balance.
  3. Place your feet shoulder width apart. To expand outwards, the knee and the foot. Slowly squat to stay in dimidium recumbo more. Easily return to the original position.
  4. Lie on your side, bent at the knee, the lower part of the leg to bring it forward. The upper straight leg lifts, to be, as it is possible, with greater amplitude, but moving slowly. This is one of the most challenging but effective exercises for weight loss legs at home.

For the abdomen:

  1. Lying on your back, put hands behind head, legs to straight. Lift the body, touching her knees to her chest. Slowly return to the starting position.
  2. Lie on back, legs bent at the knees, put your hands behind the head. Curl up so that the elbow touches the knee of the opposite leg.
  3. Lying on your back, put hands behind head, legs to straight. Lift the legs up to an angle of 45°, hold them as long as possible. You can waggle up and down and "scissors".
  4. Lying on your back, stretch your hands to the sides, slowly lift the legs straight up, perpendicular to the ground. Lower them slowly. Exercise is perfect for weight loss belly and sides.

To the back:

  1. Lying on your back, extend your arms. To bend your leg at the knee. Rhythmic elevation of the pelvis and lower.
  2. Lying on your back, extend your arms. To bend your leg at the knee. One of them raised or to lay on the opposite knee. Rhythmic elevation of the pelvis and lower.
  3. Lying on his back. Raise straightened arms up. Tear of the thigh sex. Slowly lower the leg. Stretch by hand, lifting from the ground case (upper).
  4. Lie down on your belly. Trying to off the floor of the ud.

For the attention of:

  1. Take the emphasis lying. Place your knees on the floor. To do push-ups.
  2. To get to the edge of the sofa back, put your hands on it. Straighten the legs and relax. Bend your arms at the elbows. In the most bottom point to reach the floor with your buttocks. Straighten the arms.
  3. Stand straight, hands extended before him, so that they were parallel with the ground. Keep them as long as possible.

Exercises for strength

cardio activities for weight loss at home

Here dumbbell (2 kg for women and 5 kg for men). The correct approach in this part of the program — the execution of all positions to the point of exhaustion, gradually increasing the load either with added weight or reps.

  1. Squats. Dumbbells, straight arms, keeping your back straight. The pelvis back, sit down. The knees should not go over the edge of the socks.
  2. Stand up, keeping dumbbells in the straightened hands with the palms outwards. Bend them at the elbows, lifting the dumbbells to the shoulders, but leaving the knee at a standstill.
  3. Attacks. Keep the dumbbells in the straightened hands. To make a wide step forward with the right leg, slightly squat and return to starting position. Repeat with the other leg.
  4. Tilt the body at an angle of 45°, the pelvis back, knees slightly bent, your back flat and straight, hands with dumbbells lower down. Bend your knees, pulling the weight to the waist.
  5. Hold dumbbells at hips straight into the hands of. Lean forward, keeping your back straight. Take the pelvis back so that the dumbbell is dropped down smoothly, gliding on the legs. To make them as mid-calf, then return to the start position.

You can rent the complex as a stepping stone. First master the technique. If something will not turn out to view the video tutorials. Not as many times as it enables the physical training, but gradually increase the number of repetitions, and tempo.

As soon as it comes to perfection, pay attention to another system, to load the body with the maximum.


Any system of exercises at home or in the gym must have proper beginning (warm-up) and the end (crispi). Restore breathing, circulation and relaxes the muscles, which ensures a smooth transition of the body from intense activity to rest. For weight loss, you can include the following exercises:

  • walking on the spot;
  • squats;
  • jumping rope;
  • pivots;
  • Mahi;
  • the rotation of the housing.

In principle, the selection of exercises for the hook can be exactly the same as for heating. At home, it is completely acceptable. This part of the exercise will not a lot of time (10 minutes), but the body is enough.

Don't forget! Physical exercises to perform at home must be mild, pleasant, and gives vivacity, not too intense.

Characteristics of instruction for men and women

Now, as for what exercises are more suitable for women and which to men. For example, the above described property will be ideal for girls. He is good, it is pumping buttocks, inner thighs and reduce the waist size. To the representatives of the strong half of humanity seems too easy, especially in terms of power loads.

So we offer a special list of exercises for men can lose weight, and a six-pack inténde, and chest muscles to develop.

exercise for weight loss at home with weights
  1. Twisting.
  2. Squats.
  3. A bench, dumbbells / barbell.
  4. Lunges with the dumbbells / barbell.
  5. Mahi with dumbbells.
  6. The Push-UPS.
  7. Jumping rope.
  8. Stripe.
  9. The Pull-UPS.
  10. Press,.
Note! It is a mistake to assume that the implementation of certain parts of the body, which promotes fat burning right there. The process that occurs throughout the body.

If you do not visit the gym, it does not mean that you will not be able to lose weight at home. The main thing — the regularity of classes, respect, healthy lifestyle and positive emotions.