Herbal spray for weight loss: effect, use, contraindications

The extra weight in one way or another haunts almost every second person in our great country. And the concern of the manufacturers to reduce happy to promote their new development. To get a slim figure, women and men buy into the colorful advertising that promises the acquisition of ideal forms, without one ounce of effort. These tools include herbal spray for weight loss, the demand for which is mostly associated with the action in the subconscious, as evidenced by real testimonials of people who have fallen for the trick of marketing.

fitospa for weight loss

Phyto-spray – metered-dose dispenser in colorful packaging with the words "air freshener for the mouth", which is kind of fulfils the hunger and reduces the weight.

Components of the aerosol

Components of the phyto spray for decades find their use as a means to reduce the body weight. They are used or in its pure form or in various preparations in various proportions.

According to the manufacturer, weight loss should occur due to a balanced composition:

  • green coffee;
  • extract Garcinia;
  • Goji berries;
  • the acai berries;
  • mango;
  • citric acid;
  • mint.

The manufacturer guarantees that the items when in the body, suppress appetite and burn fat. Try to understand, how much effective these collected in one of the gifts of nature:

  • Green coffee regulates the level of sugar in the body, improves concentration and is a powerful antioxidant. It is assumed that it is due to the chlorogenic acid has the ability to burn fat, but in reality, its use somewhat improves the metabolism.
  • Garcinia extract – supposedly speeds up the metabolic processes in the body, reduces the feeling of hunger, prevents the formation of fat due to the content of the individual acids.
  • Mango, Goji and acai edible fruit of the exotic plants, the main value lies in the content of a large number of micro - and macroelements, amino acids and vitamins. Because of this useful part of them are having a positive impact on health in General, but, unfortunately, do not have the properties of fat burning.
  • Citric acid is used in cooking for better taste. It is also used as a preservative for vegetable and fruit preparations. In large amounts can cause dental caries.
  • The Mint really freshens the breath and is a part of the many tools designed for this. Medicinally used as a sedative, antispasmodic, choleretic and antiemetic.

After the analysis of the composition of the phyto-spray, we can assume that its effect on excessive body weight can fight two components, green coffee and Garcinia. Not the fact that it is the dose that enters the body with a single tap dispenser, capable of such miracles.

It was also mentioned that the components that are part of the herbal spray, has long tried to reduce the weight, but why not become the world's salvation from its accumulation and still a question.

FitoSpray – mechanism of action and contraindications

weight loss

Let's see how the drug can perform its direct function– to influence body weight. If you believe the advertising, the mechanism of action of spray for weight loss FitoSpray is the ability to:

  • to reduce appetite;
  • withdraw excess fluid from the body;
  • to break down fat.

The developers claim to lose weight with the present invention is easy and simple:

  • there is no need to spend your hand on the motor activity;
  • you can easily give up another cupcake;
  • all that is required of the person 1-2 times a day, spray the spray in the mouth.

So, the active ingredients of the aerosol entering the body to burn fat, overcome hunger, and avoidance of physical activity. As a result – minus 5 kg for 5 days!

The conclusion is clear: herbal spray – an enticing offer for people, lazy and without problems themselves harmful Goodies. Even if for some time the feeling of hunger and leave, and then later still you can eat familiar food, but in addition spend a day without movement, and as a result, your image will remain the same.

If you decide to try this miracle tool, I want to warn you that the bottle finishes very quickly, so when you order you will be prompted to acquire a few more pieces.

Are there any contraindications?

Despite the fact that from the official site declares about full safety of the phyto spray due to the fact that is composed of natural ingredients and is certified, the tool should not be used for children and lactating and pregnant women and people who are prone to allergic reactions.

On the people's opinions against the opinions of celebrities – who to believe?

Walking the expanses of the Internet, you will notice a pattern, that will be a page with reviews on herbal mist is a remarkable contrast. Mostly positive reviews are on the colourfully decorated advertising page with a history of weight loss of celebrities where below is a selection of impressive photos of the happy, who has lost weight and recommendations for purchase. But the negative reviews about the phyto spray for weight loss, can only be found on independent websites and forums. Are a solid film and talk about the complete inefficacy of the drug.

On the basis of a realistic assessment, not weight loss occurs, and the positive stories – about the information. The only thing that they converge comments that the delicate flavor of the vegetable spray gives a fresh breath.

But it is like "spray to freshen the mouth" of the rod.

The doctors in their opinions about the herbal spray for weight loss agree, that the manufacturer misleads the gullible customers by advertising moves. In accordance with them, the tool does not work, because its composition is not able to cope with body fat without patch diet and a sedentary lifestyle. Its operation is based on a proposal: "I protected myself from feeling hungry, then not hungry." Perhaps for some it will be a great find, if you don't have the willpower to deal with overeating and laziness.

It is most likely that the creators of the herbal spray is offered a new and interesting form of the use of the same complex with the aim of ousting competitors for the production of green tea beverages and pills for weight loss.

Note that unsuspecting customers: the reliable evidence that the product has been clinical trials, no! Therefore, to judge with confidence about its safety impossible. Experts in the field of dietetics, and physicians are urged to not compromise the health and not to throw savings to the wind.

phyto spray

The purchase and use of the herbal spray for weight loss, as you understand, it makes no sense. This is evidenced by the numerous reviews and opinions of the experts. But, if the extra pounds haunt – tweak the menu and do a few exercises that will result without side-effects and unnecessary costs.