How to lose weight — a complete overview of the effective ways to lose weight

Effective weight loss includes a lot of elements, when the goal is to quickly lose weight by 5 kg in a week, and then hold the new weight, which is not harmful to health, and, perhaps, to correct it.

There are a lot of very effective, fast diet, which allows you to lose weight in 30 days, or 10 or even week. But this article is dedicated to the slow, gradual weight loss with long lasting effect. You can lose weight with only a few days? That, of course. The only question is how soon to return extra pounds.

For healthy weight loss, we need to first properly psychological for him to tune. This means that the body is really ready to part with their "hard work and set naedennymi difficult calories" and will not resist, that'll make the pounds, although slowly, but melt. Such preparation includes:

  • good mood (no need to do anything using force, and clearly see what is the result that awaits at the end, and something to strive for);
  • tons of (need to be active, and also if the way to lose weight includes a fitness program, running, no need to collapse on the couch until the next exercise);
  • sleep (the body needs to be able to recover within 8 hours of quality sleep);
  • entertainment (saturatas your life with bright events and emotions, and then do not have time to constantly think about how to lose weight);
  • antistress (do not start the difficult ascent to the ideal body in difficult periods of life, will take away all the above point).
Effective way to lose weight is a complex approach. The absence of at least one part of the puzzle makes a picture that is not complete. Must be in accordance with all the principles:
  • Healthy eating. If we are what we eat, is more selective when it comes to choice of food.
A healthy diet</1_img>
  • Sport. Promotes weight loss, maintains the health and youthfulness, gives a cheerful mood, self-confidence, recalls the strong weight loss, stretching and dicent skin (legs-cloth or hands, bat wings, no one will be more attractive).
  • Cleaning the body (fasting days, lining).
  • Active life — this is the essence of. How to lose weight in a month, a week/two, three days — not worth torturing yourself. It is necessary to introduce something new to your rhythm and quality of life, the love, all of these updates, then weight loss will not be the meaning of life and a natural part of.

2. How to lose weight in a month without dieting — the real story of weight loss, Anna Sologub + secret nutrition

How to lose weight without dieting? Depending on what this means. If you are going to eat junk food and "Treats to indulge", it is not worth a try. Even with intense training, this diet will not allow you to lose weight. But if you change that it is difficult-selects all the moral power, the word "diet", the problem is how to effectively lose weight is not so painful.

Much more productive to change the approach to nutrition. This will allow not only to lose weight quickly and effectively, but still gives a lot of useful habits, which, by the way, which is formed in only 21 days. To lose weight, we will help the observance of certain rules:

  1. The strength of the correction without extreme cutting diet: for monitoring the quality of the food balance the food on entering the body with trace elements; don't get carried away large parts of the. The good method: the gradual introduction of the rules, and it is better, if the sound in the affirmative. For example, the "ban on sweets" and "replacing the natural products, candy". After a week, you can add the "eat 5 fresh fruits/vegetables in a day." This system will clearly show you how to lose weight without following a diet — the process will start naturally.
  2. Cleaning the body of toxins. If you want to replace the detox of days monodiets come enterosorbiruyuschee drug, which allows the body to eliminate the toxins.
  3. And, most important, how to lose weight is definitely to consume less food than is the consumption of energy. It is easy to understand this math. And the calculation of calories and daily intake offers many online resources.

History of weight loss, Anna Sologub

Good day to you and Anna Sologub! Glad to share their secrets of losing weight. To make their weight loss methods I had tried a lot of tips and gained a variety of products and medicines for the weight loss, which in the end turned out to be very harmful for the health.

Having spent a lot of money and time, I realized that all this did not bring me the desired effect! And because it's on the strict diet, I realized that it is necessary to change the approach. I learned quite a lot of articles about losing weight is that the purchase of paid courses, read free, and at the end, I decided to try to develop your own way without a diet, because sometimes it is so nice to eat candy.

View yourself the way all my family and friends in the first week noticed a positive change in my appearance! Sharing his knowledge on weight loss with friends, as well as a decision to lose weight. And... Oh, miracle! He did it!) . About myself I can say that I because of its method of painless lost weight in 3 weeks at 19 kg. and of course, I recommend it to my friends and family members who want to lose weight without problems!

Thing your diet, was the motto: Want to eat — eat an Apple! You don't want an Apple, then you're not hungry!)

Will briefly tell you about my secret diet. Thanks to her, the question of "How to lose weight in a month 5 kg?", that will be removed, you will be able to lose about 10 kg or more, depending on your mood and desires.

The secret of nutrition:

  1. Completely to refuse from fried, smoked, chocolate, of course, alcohol, flour products, including bread. Allowed to consume rye bread in moderation.
  2. Give up the sugar. Because it slows down the process of energy waste which accumulates in our body, especially on the sides. Sugar can be replaced honey. And sweet tea to replace the dried fruit.
  3. Eat more dairy productssuch as yogurt.
  4. Eat more fiberits content in vegetables, furfures, as well as in fruit.
  5. Eat more vegetables, except for one vegetable is the potato, because it is very summus calories product! Emphasize vegetables in those foods that you are more pleasant in addition to potato, such as carrot or beet. If you can't completely give up potatoes, you will substantially reduce its use.
  6. Eat more protein. This is meat, eggs, milk and milk products. Also highly recommend the evening dinner cottage cheese with fruit or yogurt.
  7. Eat more apples! Certainly improve the metabolic process in the body.
  8. In the form of beverages, I would recommend drinking green tea with ginger, and you can also add cinnamon. As you know, cinnamon has a positive effect on metabolic processes in the body. As ginger promotes the digestion of fat and rapid weight loss.
  9. Emphasize healthy sleep and went to bed early. Best 22:00 — 23:00 — perfect time for sleep, and the night certainly will not want to eat.

Important! Do not eat at night. Eat fruit or drink yogurt 3 hours before bedtime.

  1. In the absence of time for exercise, will focus on walking, a few times a week refrain from driving transport and walk on foot to the house.
Here are the main points that I would like to select for effective weight loss.

Don't forget! The sudden weight loss that there is no water in the future. Having made the decision to lose weight seriously and for a long time, pay attention to what you eat in your diet.

3. Menu of proper nutrition for the week

How to make yourself lose weight? To make the delicious menu and fill it with diversity, allowing you to not overeat and provide the necessary energy. First, let's discuss how to eat to lose weight:

  • The food of the common techniques in small quantities;
  • Snacks — the right snacks between Breakfast, lunch, dinner, protect against overeating;
  • Gentle methods of cooking: steamed, braising, boiling, baking, or the use of the grill;
  • A half to two litres of water a day;
  • The variety in the menu: each day a person should consume all the food groups are: cereals — an effective ingredient for weight loss, milk, fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs, fish, which is not only protein, but other source of omega-3 acids, fats (preferably of animals for the replacement of plants), "harmful" sweets to replace with nuts, dried fruit, honey, etc;
  • Salt consumption to reduce, so as not to delay fluid in the body.

4. How many calories should you eat per day to lose weight

Many men and women, especially in anticipation of the summer, worried about how many calories you need daily to lose weight and how to get yourself to lose weight. Simple calculations lead to the conclusion that the main thing is to spend each day the more calories, as their food arrives.

This is enough to reduce the diet by 300 kcal. This is a bar of chocolate or a sweet roll, which likes to eat the owner of extra pounds. Is almost imperceptible cuts in the diet will allow to lose per week, up to 1 kg.

Therefore, the solution of the equation: the result of such a regime in a month, it will be minus 3-4 kg.

5. How to get yourself to lose weight — step by step instructions + examples of proper motivation

Lack of motivation does not allow you to reach your goal, and how to lose weight, if the personal desire is always the goal, but is left vague, without specifics, want. The goal should be achievable and have clear deadlines. Also be objectively measured, it would be possible to understand your position with respect to this objective.

For example, if a person thinks, how to lose weight in a month, it is better that we have a clear plan of action (only the reasoning "I want to lose weight" sounds abstract and vague, but the "20 push UPS and 30 sit-UPS every day" — quite specifically) to determine how much you need to lose weight and set a deadline. The following is only to solve the problem, which is approaching success.

How can I lose weight in a month depends largely on the motivation of losing weight. So, here are examples of the proper motivationthat will help achieve desired:

  • The emphasis on the clothing. One of the simplest, and one of the most effective. Everyone wants to look good and wear a good assistant. It is so nice when there is a problem with the "scandere" in clothing.
  • Focus on the food. Theories on nutrition put forward and developed a great variety, is to choose one that he likes.
  • Focus on the environment. Amazing stories of weight loss can be a good example, and may completely discourage the desire to continue their body in the case, the result is visible immediately.
  • The emphasis on lifestyle. From the very beginning is to focus on permanent changes: how to get rid of bad stereotypes and the introduction of new, useful patterns and habits. After all, it only takes 3 weeks.
  • Focus on the thoughts. It is necessary to rethink about your attitude to the whole situation. In order to understand why all thoughts only about how to lose weight, and also, how necessary is this weight loss. Maybe stopping it was the fear of a difficult and long, "tormentis sui" in the gym modest and taste of food. In fact, it may happen that you need to lose a few pounds.
  • The emphasis on health. Keeping the tone, strengthening the muscles and ligaments, training strength and endurance — is not the key to the preservation of youth, beauty and health?!
  • A focus on incentives. How to make yourself lose weight without coercion? Select the incentive, to dress, to be healthy, to return to admire the view of her husband — nothing. Every time your inner demon will try to confuse, return to the mental, that this stimulus to count to 20.

6. Exercises to get rid of excess weight

How to get rid of excess weight is completely different ways and, as a rule, depend on the availability of the financial conditions and personal preferences. You can visit gyms or swimming pools, where the mentor or the instructor.

7. 5 real methods to weight loss + weight loss secrets of the stars

The stars tell you how to lose weight:
  1. Pelagia vocaris revised my diet, worked with the bus in the hall, started running and swimming in the pool, lost a lot of weight thanks to the traditional Russian bath and massages, as well as the meetings of the acupressure — stimulation of biologically active points.
  2. Her father perfect picture requires a big of power, control and yogalosofii — a combination of yoga asanas both with kardionagruzki. For the film, who has mastered the stripplastiku, where the load is huge.
  3. Rene Zelveger serious weight loss achieved with extreme dieting: 1 grapefruit, an Apple and aurantiaco + 2 litres of water a day. And how thin, supports the result is a more gentle way. In your diet of meat, fish, cereals, vegetables/fruits/herbs. Confectionery and sweet banned. And what is most important before and after meals drink a glass of grapefruit juice — a great pinguis exuro.
  4. Victoria Beckham , eats large amounts of seafood, in which so a lot of protein.
  5. Natalie Portman , being a vegetarian, as is apparent from a very young age, and how to get yourself to lose weight knows, since the age of 12, when she played in "Leon". Her diet of rice, beans and vegetable soups, rice, pasta, salads, tofu, soya milk, fresh juices and teas. Sweets were replaced with natural honey, plums, strawberries, etc, drink lots of water.

8. Tips for rapid weight loss from Anna Sologub

To lose weight fast, you will have to make some positive changes in your life:
  • Seriously limited in the selection of products nutrition;
  • Drink plenty of water;
  • Includes an intense daily workout (only half an hour, you can lose about 300 calories);
  • On the snacks between the main meal not forget the (fruit, cereal bars);
  • And sleep at least 8 hours (proven to sleep less than 8 hours to a maximum of up to 2 kg).