Diet for weight loss belly

Diet for weight loss abdomen and hips

Due to a sedentary lifestyle in belly and too full hips have become a problem for many women. But NameWoman of the opinion that all problems are resolved! Diet weight loss belly and thighs as such does not exist, but there is a set of rules, which leads to a reduction of these unwanted volume in the wrong places. What rules should be followed?

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What to exclude on a diet for weight loss abdomen and hips

Approach the issue responsibly and consider weight loss belly and hips, separately, independently of each other. Weight loss belly logical to abandon it, from which it grows: it is white bread, lots of cookies, cakes, muffins and biscuits. Prohibited any fast carbs, including fast food, milk, and overly sweet fruit. However, complex carbohydrates from legumes, cereals, and macaroni made of wheat flour, on the contrary useful. If you want to add to the diet diet for belly is also needed oranges, lemon juice, and a salad. Do not abuse of coffee, usually drink plain, clean water.

Weight loss thighs coffee it is better to avoid. As with all alcohol and fatty food. Add to the menu more fruits and raw vegetables, drink more water.

By the way, watch that your hands before eating and do not be lazy to wash food (vegetables, fruit, bottles of drinks, wipe the packaging, yogurt, etc). Why are we suddenly remembered about it? Neglecting basic hygiene standards, a man enters in the intestines a lot of bacteria, which causes bloating.

Diet for belly and hips: the basic rules

Sitting on a diet to lose weight abdomen and hips in the first place, it is necessary to reduce the number of calories consumed. Keep in mind that the lower the bar lower than 1200 calories are not recommended by doctors, as in this case, the body goes into active mode of the accumulation of extra pounds, and not how to get rid of them.


Follow the consumption of fat. On the day do not eat more than 12 g of fat. It seems that it is very difficult, in fact easier. We spend a huge amount of fat without even noticing. Indulging yourself with chocolate, potato chips, nuts, candy, we get to the 100 grams of fat a day! It is not surprising that our image has lost its attractive curves. Deny yourself small pleasures – stress, so try to replace the harmful sweets for the useful. Diet for belly and hips is cherished purchase of a candy bar (and better prepare yourself) granola bar instead of sweets, take fruits, milk or white chocolate, replace the bitter. And don't be surprised, for the domination of the fat in dark chocolate compared with milk. Unlike milk, dark chocolate does not harm the figure and in moderation can be part of a diet for weight loss belly and hips.

If the tea with sugar, that it is impossible to refuse, replace the sugar with honey. Not inferior in taste to sugar and will benefit your body. By the way, Apple honey improves digestion and may be recommended for those whose problems – the size of the abdomen and hips.

Discipline yourself and not eat at night. The last installment may not be later than 6-7 hours, or at least 3 hours before bedtime and not before going to bed. On an empty stomach, poor sleep? Then is your solution to diet for belly and hips in a Cup of yogurt with a small amount of fat. By the way, has classified this non-distilled fermented beverages in connection with the use of the image is not only fat, how to choose and drink kefir, we have told in other articles

Do not forget to drink plenty of water every day.

Adhere to the above rules is not necessary, until you achieve the desired result, but life. Diet for weight loss belly and hips does not mean a lack of hunger or restrictions, so stick that in one way or another, it is not difficult.

If you follow all the advice above, the results will not keep itself waiting – in 3 weeks you will be changed noticeably. The speed of the arrival figures in excellent condition can be increased by exercise (your faithful companion will be hula-hoops, or, simply, wrap) and the wraps. Diet for weight loss belly and hips will work better, if in addition to the restrictions from the food that you will use the creams and scrub on the problematic areas. Specially recommended anti-cellulite honey massage, as well as reading articles on a honey of a beauty salon at home, honey treatments and the wonderful properties of honey.