How to lose weight in a week

Week is that a real term to lose weight. Diet for a week can be beneficial to your body and can cause irreparable damage — it all depends on the power mode menu. Show you how to lose weight in a week at home.

Diet "of 2 kg in a week"

Lose 2 kilograms per week, not to make a lot of effort. You can choose the minimum food restrictions or exercise. 2 kg in a week disappears when charging at regular intervals(10-15 minutes each morning): torsion Ring, Running, squats, jumping rope. If the extra 10 minutes of sleep, it is important for you, the adaptation of the diet tight eat, easy to eat, drink more water, eliminate bread, sauces and sweets 2 kg per week go easily. How to lose weight in a week in pounds? Similarly, a process will of course be even faster.

Diet "5 kg in one week"

5 kg is a significant weight loss, which will be visible to others. Sometimes the additional 5 kg separately from the physique of their dreams. Extra volume on the hips, ugly fat on my stomach - all this does not mean that you are fat, but stopping to look sexy at the open-air outfits. The task is set: 5 kg per week! Start weekly diet with the most complex - with a fasting day. The night before will body cleansing tea for weight loss and enema. Spend the first day on apples and yogurt: 1 kg of apples and 1.5 liters of yogurt with low fat can be divided into 6 parts and eat regularly throughout the day. Drink water to avoid dehydration and do not feel sharp hunger. Basically after unloading, proceed with the diet. Diets for weight loss for the week a lot. For example, kefir diet. Select the one that suits you.


Diet"7 kg in one week"

Lose 7 pounds in a week can be dangerous, especially if the excess weight a little. For the calculation of the normal weight will help you count calories. If you are seriously thinking about nutrition "7 kg in one week", that is limiting in several ways. Diet"7 kg in one week" does not include physical activity, in contrast with a more moderate diet for a week. A strict diet is stressful to the body, that will transfer the assets for your life. Enhanced fitness and exercise can lead to ill health and impaired pressure. In fact, the diet"7 pounds a week" is a week-long discharge with the omission of dinner. One week diet - an diet on protein.

Lose weight in one week! Menu:

Day 1 - 6 boiled eggs

Day 2 - kg fat-free cottage cheese

3. day - a little cooked chicken fillet

Day 4 - 100 g of cooked rice

Day 5 - 6 boiled or baked"in uniform" potatoes

6 day - 1 kg of apples

Day 7 - full unloading on yogurt and water

Kefir diet

Diet for 2 weeks

If you don't have a strict time frame for weight loss results better not to chase: to lose 5 kg or more, select a diet for 2 weeks. The more you have excess weight, especially long-term diet must be taken into account. Diet for 4 weeks, for 7 weeks will not only help you to lose weight without harm for health, but also give long lasting results. Under extreme conditions weight loss of the body, gaining weight as fast as you lose. Sometimes, hard week diet do not bring the expected result, as the body begins on the stock, warning of a sharp hunger. Diet for 7 weeks, will rebuild the digestive system, which will help you to restore the metabolism, and only develop you have the habit of eating differently.

7 weeks and even 4 weeks is very hard to follow strict diet. The unaccustomed potential failures, acts of eating, which on the background of the General starvation cause considerable damage. Therefore, the diet for 3 weeks and more focuses not on reducing the quantity of food and strict diet, on portions(it is better to eat often and in small amounts), proper allocation of energy-rich foods over the day(in the morning - complex carbs in the evening - proteins). Read more about protein, carbohydrate diet.