The real weight loss. Find out 5 main functions

The majority of women only and can not live a day, not to scale, so that they have just become their hostages. In the quest for weight loss, allowing you to weigh in every morning and evening, in the hope that the figure goes on decreasing. Not watching the desired person is upset and angry at myself, sometimes fall under the distribution of the scales themselves. But only if the scales prove the real weight loss?Find out the 5 main signs that the body loses weight, even if the balance is not visible.


Real weight loss is not only indicators of the scale

The weight is certainly important, but in addition there are many other important parameters, which are responsible for the beauty of the body and confirmation of real weight loss. Fitness trainer believe that weight loss is not necessarily to pay attention only on weight reduction. The reason is simple: in the educational process, increase muscle mass and body fat, of course it is.

Due to an increase in muscle mass indices of the scale may not change, or vice versa, the image may be increased.However, the process of weight loss goes well!

1 character – a-day grazing a lot freer

The easiest and most obvious sign that the body is losing weight. No change on the scales does not mean that the weight is in the city. Pay attention to your clothing, if it was free, favorite shorts or skirt that hangs to the waist belt cinches tighter, and dress in the hips stopped pumping, then weight loss exactly is. A true confirmation of this can strap which is easy to measure.

2 sign strength and durability

If, however, there is still the belief that weight is in place, it is worth considering: could the used to do 20-30 sit-UPS with ease, and even with weights, burpee, maybe 10-15 times without rest or strap for 2-3 minutes? If you can't, to guide him, and half declared, and now do easily, then progress is evident. Then the body is changed, the muscle strength and endurance, it also took away apathy, fatigue, increased physical and mental performance. All this clearly shows that the fat is leaving and the body weight loss.

3 feature - the amount of food is decreased, it is very useful products


Of course, it is very difficult to restore to their normal food, which is developed in recent years. But what you avoid in the supermarket departments, including pastries, soda, or semi-finished products, products of the conscious, already a big win.

In addition to the usual parts, which are noticeably decreased in size, and this is one of the important signs that the body continues to drop weight.

Internal control, however, is the feeling of hunger is absent, as in the diet of proper foods that add energy and helps to get rid of the hated kilograms.

4 feature – more photos

The most direct evidence of diet – taking regular selfies. The look of confidence in his own attractiveness and strength begets love for him, and often taking pictures. Even if the photo is made, not only for himself, he was beloved – suggests that you start liking the display that you see in the mirror. The most important is still to refine it and sure will come the long awaited moment when you will easily be able to brag to your friends your photos before and after.

5 symptom is mood and self-confidence

Along with the strength and durability is added to the plan for each day, which is associated with active training. There were reasons to exercise 10 important facts. Every morning is a pleasure that you have in mind, to make yourself better and perfect, and definitely improves the mood. Regarding the walking, become more graceful and easy, feel better. The trust that is felt, surely makes you go forward, and thus always succeed.


Not weighed every day, better to do it once a week. Follow proper diet and buy only foods that promote weight loss and improve health.

To get real weight-loss, it is necessary not only desire, but clearly made a plan, which is drawn from the regular rules of proper nutrition, quality ingredients and of self-discipline.