Lemon for weight loss: reviews, benefits, recipes

Also this citrus, relieves headache, lowers blood pressure, is suitable for use with kidney disease. And how many effective cosmetic products with this fruit!!

lemon for weight loss

In addition to all this, the lemon, in accordance with the food, it is also a great tool for weight loss, and citric acid are very good for the digestive system. Acid interacts with other enzymes and acids, stimulating digestion and the secretion of gastric juice. The pectin from the lemon, the layers of the intestinal wall. Another fact in favor of the lemon for weight loss is its ability to dull hunger. Lemon juice is a repository of vitamin C, which strengthens the resilience and AIDS digestion. In addition, lemons are rich in vitamins A, b, R, contains potassium, zinc, boron, copper.

If you're not a fan of lemon, and only rarely include it in their diet, it may be time to try a lovely lemon diet? People who have tried this, they give mostly positive reviews. However, keep in mind that for all their virtues, the lemon for weight loss has a lot of contraindications. It is not recommended at high pH, sensitive teeth, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. If one of these factors, the lemon for weight loss is not recommended.

Water with lemon for weight loss

Water with lemon promotes acidity in the body, where calcium, which is absorbed faster. According to studies, this element is required by the body for fat burning for energy. That is why all dieters only need to eat calcium in large quantities. But it is better that it is not from tablets, and from products that contain protein. Water with lemon for weight loss, promotes fast absorption of calcium, and therefore the speedy burning of weight.

Some researchers have come to the conclusion that the main reason for the body weight, problems with the digestive system. Many diets may not improve the condition of the gastrointestinal tract, but water with lemon, which leads to normal digestion and cleanses the body from toxic substances. Lemon for weight loss convenient to use, because it will not need to sit on all the hard diet and you treat yourself to goodies. In addition to the lemon water, nutritionists recommend to include in the diet including meat, citrus and its juice. With the help of lemon for weight loss can be, that the picture is in great shape and at the same time cleanse the body.

Lemon for weight loss - how to drink water, lemon

Water with lemon to start drinking in the morning. For a person who weighs about 70 pounds, part is half of the lemon juice diluted with a glass of water. During the day you should drink two parts. For people who weigh more than 80 kilograms, the amount of lemon juice should be doubled, squeezing in a glass of water, a whole lemon. The amount of water that can be adjusted to taste, if you drink enough sour or too rich. In addition, you can add a teaspoon of honey. To help the body the maximum benefit from the food consumed lemon for weight loss, in the form of this drink can be used regularly. This is one of the most affordable and effective way to treat the body and maintain the figure in good shape.

Lemon for weight loss - diet for intense weight loss

There is another way of "lemons" of weight loss. The first day, you must drink water with the juice of one fruit, from a lemon (one lemon per Cup of water), a second or two lemon in two cups of water. Thus, the number of lemons is increasing every day for one to seven days. The eighth day of treatment. Prepares drink 3 litres of water, the juice of three lemons, add three tablespoons of honey. This quantity should be drunk throughout the day. On the ninth day of the countdown starts. On this day you should drink seven glasses of water with lemon, the next day, 6 jars, and so is the week. In addition, during the day it is advisable to use lemon for weight loss slices with a variety of dishes.

In these two weeks there are no restrictions in food, no. You can have everything you want. But still, at the time of the use of lemons for weight loss is recommended to follow some rules. First and foremost, it is necessary to drink water with lemon in the morning. Citric acid is an excellent digestive stimulant and water helps rid the body of unwanted substances. Therefore, usually water, you must drink at least 6 glasses per day. You can also use red wine, but not more than a few shots. Avoid coffee and tea, and a variety of sodas and unnatural juices.

You should consume at least five servings of fruits and vegetables. Not a lot of calories, but many vitamins and nutrients that strengthen the immune system, supports hormonal balance. It also calms the nervous system, eliminates fat and toxins from the body.

Lemon for weight loss and sugar

The lack of glucose in the blood, causing irritability, loss of focus, headache, fatigue. Therefore, it is important to maintain the sugar level in the blood. Excessive amounts of sugar leads to fat. However, if you sprinkle lemon juice on the cooked food, the level of sugar absorbed is significantly reduced (by 30%). Nutritionists recommend adding zest to soups and salads and juice watering fish and chicken. Also slow the absorption of carbohydrate and fat, as well as to maintain the necessary level of sugar helps protein.

Experts advise not to eat foods with a high sugar content, such as rice, white bread, cereals, potatoes. Large amounts of fruit sugar, can also have a negative impact on the body, so it is better to eat the fruits, coupled with nuts or seeds. In addition, you need to avoid sweeteners. Repeat this diet must not be older than one month.

Lemon for weight loss essential oil

Lemon essential oil, coupled with its low price, is the beneficial effect a wide range. This helps in the prevention of colds, maintain composure, as well as in the fight against excess weight, cellulite and varicose veins. The lemon oil gives it a striking effect. This is a wonderful alternative for those who do not use lemon in your food. Essential oil can be used for massage, aromatherapy, bathing, weight loss.