Assessment of the brands of milk products: yoghurt, that is the best for weight loss

Consumption of fermented milk products is beneficial to maintain the figure and digestion in General, but the answer to the question what yogurt is best for weight loss, knows not everyone. Important the freshness, fat content, calories and even the temperature of the drink. In addition, if you want to use kefir for weight loss is possible with various accessories. There is a full diet for this product. To solve the issue, some kefir to drink for weight loss that will help you instructions below.

What should be the composition of kefir

About the benefits of this drink can say a lot. This is not so much low calorie, how many in the team. The main advantage of bacteria-probiotics, which helps to restore the broken low calorie diet intestinal flora. To find the store completely natural yogurt difficult, therefore, to pay attention to the composition of the product is necessary. It must include:

  1. Kefir starter culture. The most useful is that contain lactic culture, fungi and yeast. If the composition of only one of the two, the product can be called pseudo-yogurt or kefir. It is not necessary to choose a drink that is "sourdough lactic acid cultures."
  2. The protein in yogurt is also is a must. Protein provides a balanced low calorie diet, reduces appetite, speeds up fat burning. The protein in the composition must be at least 3%.
  3. Calcium. This mineral in trace quantities, is also required. It also prevents the accumulation of fatty deposits and helps the body will spend calories.

On the packaging in the composition should not include ingredients, such as dry or reconstituted milk, fruit additives, dyes, palm oil and preservatives. These products make the real kefir kefir to drink. The most useful and natural in this case is agricultural products. In the composition of a good yogurt can present:

  • pasteurised milk;
  • a starter culture of live bacteria, or kefir fungi;
  • dairy tremble and bifidobacteria.

Calories fermented milk products

When weight loss is one of the most important criteria for the selection of the products is their calorie content. The same is true for yogurt. Its calorie content is determined by fat content. To achieve a slender physique it is advisable to select the beverage with the lowest percentage. The calorie content in this case will be about 25-30 kcal per 100 g of the product. In this low-fat drink has all the benefits without the extra calories.

Kefir what fat is better for weight loss

drinking kefir

Completely low fat yogurt is more useful of vitamins, therefore there is the possibility to choose, not worth. In addition, it is completely eliminated from the diet of fat, it is also not necessary, because the body needs it. The best option is to select a drink, with a fat content of up to 1%. With the use of vegetable oils in the diet, yogurt will not do. If your diet fat restricted completely, select with fat content of 2.5%.

Shelf life

What yogurt is best for weight loss - only or one that is already a few days? The positive effects of has the only fresh product. Time natural yogurt is 7-10 days from the date of manufacture. Only a period of live bacteria in the drink. Longer shelf life, shows the presence of preservatives. Sour yogurt has on the body the same effect, but:

  • it has a high acidity, which can negatively affect the digestive system;
  • has a strong laxative effect.

On the past due the product the right texture. Fresh kefir is homogeneous. If shaking the drink, there are two layers – whey and cereals, which indicates the shelf life. This also indicates that the yellow color of the drink, the bitter taste and pungent smell. This drink is consumed, they would not be. Fresh product is slightly sour and has a strong smell and the color is white.

How to eat to lose weight

Important is not only the question what yogurt is best for weight loss, but how to drink it. Most nutritionists recommend to consume this drink at dinner or before bedtime, and with reason. Of its powerful fat-burning functioning of the kefir is bound to calcium which is better absorbed only in the evening. For this reason, this cocktail glass before bedtime really helps you lose weight. In addition to this warning, that it is important to take into account the following rules of use:

  1. The daily rate. The best is 200-400 ml of yoghurt per day. A larger volume may lead to swelling, bloating, severe winds.
  2. Time for the reception. This drink is useful not only in the evening. Great Breakfast in the morning – buckwheat or fruit mix with yogurt. For lunch to maintain mental capacity, and suppress the desires of sweet you can drink a glass of this product with honey or cinnamon.
  3. The duration of the. If it is a mono-diet kefir, it is impossible to stick to it. the game for more than 3 days, because the body stressful. With a balanced menu using cocktails of fruits and vegetables, weight loss yogurt you can take 7, 10 or even 21 days.
yogurt for weight loss

With honey

To answer the question, what kind of yogurt is best for weight loss, it is necessary to mention the possibility that drinking beverages with additives. This will help to diversify the diet and drink is not get bored so quickly. There are many recipes for kefir smoothies, including honey. The preparation of one of them:

  1. For the preparation of 250 ml of buttermilk with fat content up to 1%.
  2. Add to this a teaspoon of honey. You can substitute with the same amount of rosehip syrup.
  3. At the end to enter another spoonful of oat or wheat bran powder.
  4. Stir until smooth.
  5. To use the product instead of second Breakfast or your last meal.


To increase the fat burning properties of yogurt can add a variety of spices, such as cinnamon. In addition, to use when weight loss, it also improves the taste of beverages. This is particularly important for the prevention of addiction in the yogurt that you started to get bored. To prepare the cocktail is very simple – in a glass of its fermented milk drink, just add half a teaspoon of cinnamon. It is best to use before sleep at night, and the body has been the fat burning process.