Weight loss smoothies at home - recipes

Nutritious food, beverages, cleaning and maintenance - a comprehensive program for weight loss, along with a proper diet and sports, and delicious fat burning drinks will help you move around safely reduce the amount of food, eliminate hunger, and to speed up the process, how to get rid of the extra pounds.

Weight loss smoothies

weight loss smoothies

Cocktail – a perfect opportunity to fill your body with vitamins, fills up the stomach and make the process of losing weight is very comfortable. Now buy ready-made cocktail is not a problem, sold to distributors, retailers, pharmacies. The disadvantage of buying a drink, it is very conditional security and high costs.

These include all known Herbalife, Oriflame, energy, food, Chocolate slim, Dr slim. They are good, because fat burning takes place slowly, so that the appearance will not suffer, in particular, will not cause sagging of the skin. However, these tools have some limitations in use, what manufacturers and distributors are not always misleading.

Beverages made at home much better you always know what is in the cocktail. Without preservatives, dyes, fresh food, low cost – undoubtedly, additional benefits. With contra-indications for specific ingredients that you can always change it or choose another recipe.

Domestic drinks are made with herbs, milk and yogurt, vegetables, fruits and berries – effects on the body, which is different.

The choice of recipe, you must take into account the purpose. In its activities, drinks that reduce weight are:

  • Diuretics. Have a significant positive action – displays the excess fluid from the body, eliminate edema. In the early stages of weight reduction, it works very effectively. Made with herbs, green tea, often based cocktails become the berries and vegetables that is endowed with diuretic. These include watermelon, cranberry, Goji, tomatoes, hawthorn. Consumption of diuretic beverages, be aware that it is more convenient to make them at home, at work, in transport may occur, to understand the problem. With great care, these cocktails are used in the hot season.
  • Energy. It is desirable to use in the morning, got energy for the whole day. On the basis of the drinks are citrus fruits, juice from the leaves of the aloe, other products increase the activity, tonic and improves mood.
  • Cleaning. Good for intestines, improving motor skills, in a natural way, gently free him unnecessary. As a result, the intestine starts to work like a clock, like a few recipes for homemade cocktails contain ingredients that help normalize the gut flora and to handle constipation.
  • Which improves metabolism. Very effective help lose weight, accelerate metabolism, accelerate the blood, warm. On the basis of the drinks are spices, often sharp.

How to make a cocktail for weight loss

The process of loss of weight, should be fun, so our challenge is to make nutritious and delicious drink. In the preparation of beverages there are some rules to keep in mind that you will achieve the desired and significantly reduce weight.

  • For the preparation of dietary ingredients with a blender and combine. In some cases, it is enough to grate or mash with a fork.
  • Prepare the drink just before use, to ensure the preservation of valuable substances. Note: when storing in the fridge with the lid closed, some of the healthy foods lose vitamin component.
  • Fresh berries and fruit, which is acceptable to substitute frozen because they retain all the vitamins.
  • Dairy products in smoothies for weight loss, buy low fat.
  • Do not put sugar, you want a better taste add a drop of honey, dried fruit.
  • Decided to use in the recipe spices, I advise you to grind it yourself. Take the cinnamon sticks, bell pepper, green peas and pods.
  • In drinks, improve the metabolic processes, which are allowed to regulate the amounts of hot spices to your taste – reduce and add.
  • Do not be alarmed if after the infusion, the volume of the cocktail has become less.

Proteins (protein) shakes for weight loss

protein shakes

Actively burn body fat, maintain muscle tone, reduce the feeling of hunger protein or protein shakes. For those who don't know, protein and protein shakes – the mark of the same drink. Protein – the building blocks for the human body, in the illustrated recipes are a perfect combination of protein and additional components.

Note that the intake of protein drinks, it is necessary to increase physical activity. Because of the lack of a load of protein turning into fat, as a result of the exercise in the muscles. You want to lose weight, combine diet shake, diet, and aerobics classes.

Recipe No 1. With kiwi and honey.

Take a Cup of yogurt, 300 ml of milk, kiwi and 2 large tablespoons of honey.


  • First, warm the honey for bath to become liquid. Add in the blender, add the kiwi and mix.

The recipe № 2. With the raspberries.

Take a glass of milk, 100 gr. raspberries and a Cup of yogurt.

  • How to make: with a fork mash strawberries, pour milk, kefir and whisk at high speed.

Recipe No. 3. With the strawberries. Burns fat, satisfies hunger.

You will need: 100 gr. strawberries, half a Cup of milk, 120 ml of yogurt and flax seeds – a great spoon.

  • How to make: grind in a blender, seeds and berries, add the remaining ingredients and whisk again.

Recipe No. 4.

Take: soy milk – 2 cups tangerine – 3-Piece teaspoon of Flaxseed oil and 125 ml of kefir.

  • How to cook: peeled tangerine slices, put in a blender, pour in the other ingredients and whisk.

Recipe № 5. Green. Suppresses the feeling of hunger, burn fat. Recommended for use after physical activities.

Lasts: cheese – 130 gr., milk – 150 ml, stalk celery, a few sprigs of parsley, garlic, ginger, pepper after taste.

  • Beat: chop the greens, add the cheese and stir in the milk. Whisk, add the spices, taste and adjust the flavor by adding spices.

Recipe No. 6. The classic protein shake.

Take: egg whites 2 pieces, a Cup of yogurt, a banana, a pinch of cinnamon.

  • Do not: separate the whites, mash the banana with a fork, combine, whisk and add the cinnamon.

Best weight loss smoothies from yogurt

Beverages kefir is aimed at detoxification, normalization of the stomach and intestines, actively promote weight loss.

Recipe No 1. Classic.

Take: a Cup of yogurt, rolled oats – 2 small spoons, cucumbers. Other additions, to taste – ginger, pepper, mint, dill.

  • Not: finely grate the cucumber, chop the ginger and herbs, stir in the yoghurt and whisk.

The recipe № 2. With The Apple. The digest, enriched with vitamins, full of energy, will satisfy your hunger.

Ingredients: 2 cups of yogurt, two stalks celery and one green Apple.

  • How to prepare: slice and chop into a puree of Apple and celery, pour kefir, and again use the mixer. Additional add ginger and cinnamon.

Recipe No. 3. Cinnamon. Accelerating the metabolism, accelerates the metabolism and the blood, cleanses the organism, improves digestion. It is recommended to drink for 20-30 minutes before eating a glass.

Take: a Cup of yogurt, a teaspoon of cinnamon and grated ginger, a pinch of red pepper.

  • Preparation: grate the ginger, add the cinnamon and pepper, pour a spoon of yogurt and RUB a lot. Add the rest of the drink and stir.

Recipe No. 3. To clean the cocktail for the weight loss. Eliminates the constipation, cleanses and actively destroys the extra pounds. Drunk on an empty stomach, one hour before the first meal. If you have any problems with the chair, reduce the number of prunes.

Take: a Cup of yogurt, a few pieces of dried apricots and 6 pieces of prunes.

  • How to cook: dried fruits pour hot water, soak to soften for half an hour and grind in a blender. Add milk drinks, shake.

Recipe No. 4. With the cucumbers.

Composition: fermented beverages – glass, cucumber, cilantro, parsley, dill – the total number of greens, 50 gr., ½ Tsp cumin, a pinch of pepper and salt.

  • Preparation: fry in a matter of minutes on a dry pan cumin, green chop, grate the cucumber. Links, add a quarter Cup of yogurt and stir. Add the rest of the drink and whisk.

Milkshakes for weight loss


Amazing delicious cocktails based on milk, they can offer children with weight problems, because of the natural additives are almost no contra-indications.

Recipe No 1. Cheese.

Take: 100 ml of milk, 100 gr. cottage cheese, all greens – 50 grams.

  • Preparation: finely chop accept greens, mash with a fork, cheese, dilute it with milk and whisk smoothies.

The recipe № 2. Sweet chocolate cocktail with banana.

Take a glass of milk, 100 gr. cottage cheese, a banana, a teaspoon of cocoa powder and 2 tablespoons of peanut butter.

  • Connect the cottage cheese with cocoa and butter, add to crushed in puree the banana, spread the weight and cover with milk. Try a blender until smooth.

Recipe No. 3. With honey. Very nutritious and healthy drink for weight loss. You can replace your Breakfast.

You will need: a glass of milk, ¼ Cup natural low-fat yogurt, banana, 100 grams. cottage cheese, 50 oats, a spoon of honey.

  • How to prepare: warm the honey in a liquid state, porridge with banana. Connect the components grind and pour the milk. Whisk.

Energy drink at home

New energy for the day, so it is recommended to use it instead of Breakfast. Optionally, after half an hour after drinking to eat.

Recipe No 1. Citrus.

Take: a big tablespoon of honey, a few rings of canned pineapple, a half a grapefruit, a few pieces of ice.

  • Composition: all the components are put in a mixer, whisk, if desired, add a drop of mineral water and throw the ice.

Cocktail with green tea

A wonderful drink strengthens and tones, diuretic, releasing excess water, accelerates the metabolic processes. Especially good in the morning, instead of Breakfast or a snack, but before noon.

You will need: 5 small spoons of green tea, mate lemon, whole orange, 2 teaspoons of liquid honey and half a liter of water.

  • Brew green tea, let 10 minutes to charge, strain.
  • The orange, divide into slices, and cut, remove film, add lemon juice, mix, pour tea, add honey and whisk the mixture.

Cleansing weight loss drinks

Excellent cleaning action at home are vegetable smoothies for weight loss, plus an unimaginable amount of vitamins.

Recipe No 1. Beet.

Duration: 2 carrots, an orange, a quarter of beet and ginger.

  • Preparation: finely grate the vegetables, separate the orange into slices and soak it all in the blender. Left the whip and enjoy.

The recipe № 2. Tomato.

The preparation is very simple: a few fresh tomatoes, scald, remove skin, and blend, add a little water. In addition to the salt is undesirable, though not prohibited, but the greenery is welcome.

Recipe No. 3. Vegetables. Plenty of fiber will lead, to chair, will saturate, because the cocktail is suppresses the feeling of hunger. Well, instead of dinner or snack.

Ingredients: small carrots and beet, celery, lemon juice and yogurt.

  • Chop the root vegetables, celery, chop food processor, dilute the juice and yogurt. Re-whisk.

Recipe No. 4. Apple-carrot.

Take: 400 gr. apples, 250 gr. carrots and a litre of water.

  • How to make: cook the compote of apples, a couple of hours steep. In the meantime, finely grate the carrots and squeeze the juice. Entry into the compote and stir.