The Top 7 mistakes when losing weight. Counseling for nutrition

Sometimes women, who want whatever it was to lose weight, rush from one extreme to another. And I all of this was happening. The creation of the program, I wanted to include the most important, most effective and most simple, only what will not harm to health and to be able to perform in everyday life. Often, when dealing with women in consultations, I see a lot of errors in the diet. Now I want to tell only about some of the common errors in weight loss. We can repeat the same mistake day in and day and do not even think, or know, that we are doing something wrong. If you want to feel better, and even more, to lose weight, we should try to fix these errors.

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Thoughtless starvation

Perhaps, recklessly starvation is the biggest mistake when losing weight. Most people mistakenly believe that only the rejection of food or restriction of food, which will help them to lose weight. How many times I heard: "Shut your mouth and lose weight." People sit on a rigid diet drinks per day and no more than 500-700 calories. What are the consequences of such a diet? For the first time, slowing down the metabolism. One of the challenges for successful weight loss is not only lose weight, but also to speed up a slow metabolism. If the starvation diet (less than 1200 calories), the metabolism slows, which promotes weight loss. As hungry diet makes the probability of interference is very high, therefore, to sustain this, not everyone can. And if you stick it out long. After each starvation the body you "revenge" and the fat cells will type "stock".

If the starvation diet (less than 1200 calories), the metabolism slows down, what can not promotes weight loss

Limitation Of Liability Breakfast

Another error is the refusal of Breakfast. Breakfast is one of the main meals to remember for always! For the maintenance of health and for weight loss this meal is a must. People who skip Breakfast, you risk being in carbohydrates. In addition, Breakfast is necessary to wake up the metabolism. Be sure to eat Breakfast! If you ever miss a meal, try to make Breakfast a habit. Breakfast is depending on, how are you today I feel: to lose weight, if you are or will be ok; or you today energetic or tired, nervous or in a good mood. Only in the morning, it is especially important to feed the body, giving the cells everything you need. I know, it changes day Breakfast. And I know that all of the women, who began to eat right along with me.

With fats, but no carbs

Another common mistake in weight loss – the rejection of the fat. Every day we hear about the dangers of fatty foods. What do we do? We buy all non-fat. Milk, cheese, yogurt... we eliminate from the diet of butter, everything. In fact, we gain weight not mainly from fatty foods and simple carbohydrates. The good fats beneficial to the body. You need to include in your diet omega-3 fatty acids, which helps to reduce inflammation, protect blood vessels, heart and brain of crucial importance. Add tomorrow to your salad instead of vegetable oil, in addition to instead of sour cream or mayonnaise spoon of olive oil. And if we are talking about fats, let me remind again: do not fry in butter! Fats are exposed to heat treatment, it becomes fat, and this is harmful to horror!

This should be included in your diet, omega-3 fatty acids, which helps to reduce inflammation, protect blood vessels, heart and brain of crucial importance.

Irregular meals

Another mistake is improper diet. They believe that if they skip meals at the end of the day you can eat a lot more calories. We do not believe that eating a harmless snack bun with coffee? And so a variety of snacks during the day is not considered a lot. Would the regular meals! Ideally 5 times a day, every 3 hours. Allow your daily routine, try to eat at the same time each day. This is only at first sight difficult. Trust me, this is possible.

When fruits and juices a lot

fruit for weight loss

The next thing I want to say is the abuse of fruits and juices. The abandonment of harmful and greasy food, people who lose weight, try to vary your diet with lots of fruits and juices. Even more, many sit on some fruit. The phrase "Why I'm better? I ate the fruits," I've heard so many times. Or here is another favorite sentence: "I'm going to sea, for two weeks I eat only fruit and lose weight". When I gained 4 kg. In most of the fruit contains a decent amount of fructose, which the body changes into sugar, and place in the form of fat reserves, especially if you have a sedentary lifestyle. Especially dangerous is fruit with a high glycemic index, such as bananas and grapes. What fruit can eat all the quantity, is nothing more than a myth. The same applies to fruit juices that contain a lot of sugar. To satisfy the hunger of the fruit juices that you can't, but your body will get a large amount of sugar and calories.

Most fruit contains large amounts of fructose, which our body turns into sugar, and place in the form of fat reserves.

There is almost no water

To touch on the topic of water. Many people believe that by limiting the amount of water, the faster they will move the cherished number on the scale. Unfortunately, this is only an illusion, as your body will be water, not excess fat. Water is a must! We have heard a lot now, but very few that meet these recommendations. And this is very important for health and for weight loss. So I have a lot of attention to this matter in its deliberations. Tomorrow start your morning with a glass of clean water!

A sedentary life

And finally, about physical activities. You can lose weight without sports? It is definitely possible, and 80% of success is proper diet, but with the sport weight loss will happen faster and the effect will be brighter. In addition, sport helps to speed up metabolism, strengthen muscles and keep the skin tone. Question: what about those who, for one reason or another can't go to the gym? Add physical activity throughout the day. One example: do not be lazy to get up once with a Desk chair, even if it is on wheels! But if your office is on the third floor, do not wait for the Elevator. And try to walk more in the day!

80% of success is proper diet, but with the sport weight loss will happen faster and the effect will be brighter