Exercise for weight loss belly and sides of the home

A protruding belly with sagging sides are not necessarily complete – this is a common phenomenon in thin people. And, to get rid of these problems can be very difficult, especially depending on eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle.

However, if the decision is made and the purpose of the exercises for weight loss belly and flanks in women. It remains only to be patient and to move systematically implement.

Introduction – why the fat deposited on the abdomen and flanks

Why the fat deposited on the abdomen and flanks

Today the extra pounds in the abdominal area are not uncommon, and this affects how the female half of humanity and men. In addition to the unsightly appearance, a big belly may lead to certain diseases. But first we need to understand the causes of fatty deposits in these places on the body:

  • Due to malnutrition and a predominantly sedentary lifestyle, violated the metabolic processes in the body. As a result of the dietary energy is not consumed, regularly add a few inches on the sides and abdomen;
  • Problems with the kidneys or heart can cause fluid retention in the body, which leads to excess body weight;
  • Disrupted the digestive system, which leads to permanent closure, against the current quality of output of harmful substances. The body, to prevent interference with all systems, puts fat on the belly and sides in a protective order;
  • Constant stress – the hormones produced during this time for the body to increase appetite and desire to eat sweet foods. In response to increased blood sugar levels, starting with the assignment of the insulin. He, in turn, distributes the received glucose in the tissues and muscles;
  • Regular consumption of TRANS fats from baked goods, margarine, fast food and so on;
  • Increased blood bad cholesterol and sugar. This can be a genetic predisposition and the result of the poor lifestyle.

Fat in certain amounts, which are necessary for our body for proper hormone production, and energy. It also protects the internal organs against external influences.

But you can prevent the excessive Deposit of fat in this area is the presence of excess weight more than 10 kg, shows that there is a problem, it is time to decide.

Otherwise it will lead to diabetes, stroke, cancer and diseases of the SSS. Therefore, with belly fat need to fight intelligently and purposefully, patiently.

Properly selected exercises and a healthy diet can radically change your appearance and life in General.

Important: it is not a temporary measure, the choice of a healthy life style and changed diets will need to stick for your life!


The new fitness recommended two months to go to the gym for the management of the correct implementation of techniques, and to get the body involved in the process, and still he demanded the cargo.

Another plus for the gym — an experienced instructor will make an individual complex of exercises for weight loss belly and back at the woman and monitor the correctness of the implementation.

Especially in specialized halls, which usually have an exercise bike and/or treadmill, necessary for aerobic exercise. This is true for people who are embarrassed to run around outside.

The other motivating reason for the gym – bought a season ticket will help you not to miss classes.

Exercises for the abdomen and back of the home


At home exercises for weight loss belly and sides is possible in one week, to remove a few millimetres. Their number depends on the initial weights, the regularity of training and nutrition.

Tips and advice before you start training

The beginning of a course should consist of aerobic exercise in the form of light Jogging on the street or running, jumping rope, brisk walking or Cycling. Following the heating of the body, exercises and stretching, the final preparation of the body to the main complex.

Two hours before the start of classes to eat – this should be a dish quickly digestible foods that contain protein and fiber (salad with cooked chicken breast).

During the workout be sure to drink small SIPS of plain non-carbonated water every 10 minutes. And during the day drink up to 8 glasses of fluids, including soups, tea, coffee, juices and fruit.

How to work with the abdomen

Due to overweight it can be difficult to perform some of the exercises available thin. Plus the presence of shortness of breath and high blood pressure, it would be difficult, Running or even fast walking.

It would be possible to do all of this, you must first reduce the weight and aid to these people, static exercises. The difficulty lies in the necessary predetermined time to hold the position, gradually increasing the load:

  • Sits or stands close to the castle, his hands behind his back, head and pressure head, resistant. Enough 12-fold for 5 seconds 2-3 sets.
  • Pressing my back against the wall, picking up any objects weighing more than 1 kg – dilute with hand in hand, which have from 1 to 3 minutes. Then rest and repeat 3 sets.
  • Sitting on the floor, legs straight – lift one leg, holding for 30-60 seconds, then another. Perform on each leg 3 sets.
  • Focus on the knees and the toes, raise the body above the surface, keeping it from 30 seconds and more. The pressure on the abdomen, plunging in myself and the buttocks.
  • Lie on your side on the elbow, lift the body and hold for 30 seconds – 3 sets on each side.
  • Standing on the surface or at some elevation rise on your toes and stand from 2 minutes. Rest a minute and repeat again. And so 3 times.
  • If you want to perform a squat on a half, depending on the position for a moment — 3 approach.
  • Sitting on the floor, legs bent – arms to push from two side, on the hips, trying to close. The legs are resistance – 3 sets of 15 seconds or more.
  • The same thing, but try inside leg.
At the end of the complex, as well as in the beginning, perform a workout consisting of aerobic and stretching the major muscle groups.

There are exercises for slimming the abdomen and back that offer a fitness coach Anita Lutsenko, which allows you to improve the look of your belt for a few weeks of regular exercise:

  1. I. P. gray on the floor with bent legs and rounded arms to the front, down, right, back and up the left side of the in and.;
  2. And when he knelt down on one knee the other leg, to put aside on a sock, hands close to head – tilt the body, support legs and return to the I. P. the same thing in the other direction;
  3. Standing on both knees, hands up – tilting first in one direction then in the other;
  4. Lie on the floor, arms and legs a pull to each other like the limbs (right arm to right knee and vice versa).
Each of the following exercises performed 3 sets of 15-fold.
Time schedule and results

I do not expect drastic changes in a short time, but to feel and see the results that you will be in a few weeks, taking into account the implementation of all recommendations.

Additional techniques for removing fat from problem areas

Lose weight and remove excess fat from stomach and sides it is possible not only with exercise and proper diet. This is a general lifestyle change that includes daily walks in the fresh air, exits with friends of nature, and so on.


The TV can also be viewed in favor of the body, twisting the Ring. In the office every hour to get up and not the slopes of the body to the side, down and forward, squats, pushups from the table. Also sitting on a chair in front of the computer, tensing and relaxing your glutes, the workout of problem areas.

Performing a self-massage or treatment to a professional will help you to get rid of the extra inches in the waist. Standing in the shower, massage jet of water, which relate to the problem areas.

It turns out that in each lesson there are additional ways the muscles and burning calories.

Compliance with all of the above recommendations, you will radically improve not only the appearance, but also life in General.