5 true stories pohudenii with photos

The best motivator to get in shape, are real stories of people who have been successful. In this article I want to introduce you to the girls who have had real problems with excess weight and were able to freshen up.

Amazing stories of weight loss

Christine Taylor


— 172 kg, AND 90 kg

Constantly eating fast food and your favourite pizzas are 15 years Christina has collected more than 170 kg of live weight. And when her class went to Italy, all walked on the epic ruins, and Christina was forced to lie in the room, because he couldn't move his torso, and he was very tired. In the end she decided to change herself. For the first time, she began to indulge in the best of their ability, home aerobics, then I go to the gym and do strength training.

In the first 7 months Christina took off 23 pounds, and the further loss of weight is continued in the following years. As a result, for 7 months going to the gym and avoid fatty fast food Christina lost weight up to 90 kg.

As a result, he found the man, and then he added almost 30 pounds of weight, relaxed, and change to more healthy eating habits. But he took himself in hand, has been able to bring himself to trust her 200 pounds (90 kg).

Amanda Green

BEFORE: 75 kg AFTER: 54 kg

35-year-old mother from Texas questus adipem is very simple: after the second child simply ceased to follow him, ate what he wanted, did nothing. Her husband is a police officer, constantly absent, and the mother with two children, stress, eating potato chips. And with the growth of 160 cm is to get 75 kg. as well as all the fatty was trying to avoid mirrors, to calm himself, tried to enjoy himself, until he saw himself in the Christmas family photo. Shock and a firm decision to do them.

Amanda began with how to get rid of the junk food, started the weight control food and do the cardio on the DVD sweated for an hour a day, in front of the TV. The first result is always the most visible and fastest-minus 7 pounds for a couple months. Eventually, however, in this way, the "vix" was only up to 61 kg. To lose 6 kilo Amanda added classes with free weights 3 times a week. All of this he spent a year and a half.

Courtney Stearns

BEFORE: 82 kg AFTER: 59 kg

17 from Courtney discovered the polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), one of whose effects is weight gain. And its a habit to eat a bunch of sweets and typical teenage disregard for healthy eating has done to her, is inevitable— making the body of the 82-pound. Which is pretty much for girl, height 167 cm

Courtney was rapidly gaining weight — 1-1,5 kg per week.

She tried to get involved in different activities, but laziness has besetted the girl, everything she was interesting enough and dull, until one day, her neighbor did not take Courtney with him to the Boxing training. She fell in love with this profession, and began to attend daily workouts, jump rope, to beat a pear, to Dodge the blows.

For the first month she lost more than 5 pounds. The result of the inspired Courtney and she continued having lost a total of more than 20 pounds.


Katrina Macleod.

FOR 100 kg AFTER: 59 kg

After school, Katrina stopped eating meat for ethical reasons. But instead, to switch to cereals, fruit and vegetables, has become the Queen of simple carbohydrates

Marriage and the birth of two children gave her more psychological reasons, to ignore their excess weight. As a result, this beautiful 160-cm woman turned in 100-pound miracle. With such weight, that they also flow through the shopping mall was given to with her problems. And one day she could not even find a suitable size between the largest size in the store.

The first began with fat very reasonable and correct is to count calories and control your diet, switched to complex carbs and vegetables. Only she can get rid of the first 18 kg. then adds Running.

After a year of lifestyle changes, Katrina weighed 72 pounds. But she did not stop and went on their 59 kg helped her with the gym and weight training.

Andrea Tinkalyuk

BEFORE: 86 kg AFTER: 66 kg

Andrea has always been involved in a variety of sports, and continue to work after the University regularly played volleyball, hockey and football, but this life did not prevent her to gain 86 kg, which is still a bit much even for such a tall girl (175 cm). "After the games we usually went to drink beer and eat burgers," says Andrea.

Andrea decided to lose weight, to travel to the Dominican Republic, and signed up for classes with free weights. Before school she took medical supervision and was horrified to learn that her body is at a 45-year-old woman and 86 kg of weight.

This shocked her so much that she decided to change her life and habits. The hardest part had to overcome my lifelong aversion to vegetables, he began to plant mass, the changed eating habits. But never stop to have a drink with friends, the transition from beer to slightly less calories cocktails.

In addition to the strength training she added swimming and after nine months of training even took part in his first triathlon. In the meantime he lost the first 11 kg. Andrea is living in her and now weighs 66 pounds.