The best way to lose weight

The Problem is as old as the world is approaching another New year, anniversaries or wedding and really wants to outshine all its beauty. Or spring comes, and so I want to remove not only winter clothing, but extra pounds that you could put on a swimsuit and show off the beautiful picture. Unfortunately, the quickly such issues are not solved, so we immediately started looking for the best way to lose weight. By the way, in my search for women can go far enough. What tricks are beautiful women to stay in shape!

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Do I need to make such sacrifices – you decide, but nutritionists do not tire of repeating that the only way for a truly beautiful picture, excellent health and a good mood is to eat right and exercise. But we always have hundreds of excuses why we need to eat the second cake and can't get home from work to walk or especially to go to the gym. There is no time, not enough money, it is banal laziness, and again, we catch ourselves thinking that we just need to find the best way to lose weight, accurate, fast and reliable.

The eternal female problem. Or is it really true?

Really, his body dissatisfied almost all women. Even if it is from the perspective of the other, its owner will still find weaknesses and shortcomings unnecessary wrinkles. Therefore, the problem of loss of weight will never lose its importance. However, you must remember that striving for perfection sometimes leads to a problem called anorexia. The constant desire to further lose weight goes into mental illness, the body ceases to take food. So, before you look for the best way to lose weight, that would be a good idea to turn to an expert who can objectively assess your weight and propose further steps.

Independently at home, you can calculate the body mass index with a simple formula: weight divided by height (in centimeters) squared. If you get a number between 20 and 25, then your weight is normal, you can not only simple exercises for tightening problem areas. If the index is between 25 and 30 years old, is in phase dolore magna aliqua, at this stage, can be avoided by restriction of fat, fried and sweet. Typically, the weight is immediately reduced. If the index is greater than 30, you need to see a specialist.

Diet pills

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We often talk about losing weight, we feel that it is about the magic pill. The best way to lose weight, of course, is to be given the chance to have a tasty cake and that we have the image of the model. Unfortunately, it doesn't work. On the market a lot of different drugs for weight loss is a profitable industry, that is no more. Therefore, every day there are more and more bright packaging, who promise an excellent result with minimal effort. While the best way to lose weight – high quality, balanced diet and physical activity. It is therefore necessary to immediately determine, for yourself, that dream of a lie on the couch, eat cake and lose weight, is a utopia never to come true.

That has a nice body, you'll need to get him off the couch and stop stuffing junk foods. However, if, today, we are looking for the best tool for weight loss, now consider all of the most popular tools, their strengths and weaknesses. Possible, to mention all would be impossible, but we'll talk about those which are popular are given in the advertisement. This will be important for those who are planning to undergo weight loss with the help of one of them.

Top best ways to lose weight

Let's start with what is prescribed by the nutritionist. It should be noted that it is not always prescribed, but only if this is necessary. In addition, doctors prescribe them very reluctantly, usually only in extreme cases, in which weight must be reduced very quickly, for example, before operational intervention. In the result of dietary fat is not fully absorbed, approximately 30% of its leaves intact.

Another group of products – products containing sibutramine. After using this product, it is often the problem starts with the mentality, heart, kidneys and other organs. That is, changes that occur in adipose tissue, is not worth the health problems they get them instead.

There are also other drugs, developed on the basis of fiber, which reduces appetite, hormonal supplements, specific substances, which prevent digestive enzymes. And each of them can be only an auxiliary tool in the process of losing weight, and in most cases the result is possible without the use of these drugs.

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This is a special group of medications, which often refer to resources for weight control. In fact, the effect is obvious, the next day you will notice how the scope, go, the stomach is tightened, the contours of the face become more beautiful. From this we can conclude that the diuretic drug is a very good tool for weight loss. Actually it is not so.

For example, the mechanism for the weight reduction with diuretics. Extra weight the fat reserves in the body, the water here is completely innocent. Really, lipolysis occurs with the release of water and carbon dioxide, but our body is far more complex mechanism than it might seem. He began to enjoy subcutaneous fat requires a deficit of energy. This can be achieved by reducing energy consumption and increasing physical activity.

Popular magazines and narrow-minded articles on the Internet constantly recommend every good diuretic for weight loss. Sometimes, we talk about natural remedies, here are the leaders bilberry leaf, bearberry leaf, horsetail. These herbs fall into a soft diureticum, which can significantly reduce the content of fluid in the tissue. Much stronger effect of medications such as "Furosemide," "Diacarb" and some others. But in any case the diuretic can not affect the body fat deposits. It only removes water from the tissues into the bloodstream and the intercellular spaces. Needless to say, that is enough, drink the water, how the balance will be restored?


If on this day you are the Queen of the ball, not enough time, many began to look for a suitable means for weight loss. Quickly lose weight by 5-7 kg only, if the body does not receive nutrients, in addition, erit siccis. Great choice – a laxative. Painful feelings and the urge to defecation do not contribute to the desire to eat, and every new intake of food causes the unpleasant attack. In addition, the body is rapidly losing fluids, which means that you'll quickly lose in volume.

Can you recommend a good laxative for weight loss easily, it is much more important to understand that these medicines do not affect body fat deposits. Different herbal preparations as well as specialized drugs cause softening of the stool, relax or stimulate the intestinal wall, which leads to its rapid emptying. However, all carbohydrates are absorbed, and the desired long-term use of high doses, which is the strongest work from the diarrhea, complete lack of appetite, and so it came to weight loss.

Fat burners and protein supplements

If you are looking for a good, effective tool for weight loss, then pay attention to this group of medications. It works particularly well in sport, fat burners and protein shakes. However, it should be noted that these medicines are effective only with physical exertion. In conjunction with exercise, which will help to raise the body temperature, speeds up metabolism, acts as something of a catalyst for the process of digestion of fats, but this process started, we need training. Of course, fat burners will not help if you eat after six in the evening, enjoy the sweets and flour products. The choice of these tools is very large, you will need to contact the specialised sports nutrition store that you have chosen the best option.

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Most of the drugs for burning body fat is not the best way affect on your liver. In addition, the process of burning fat creates pressure on the liver cells. It is therefore recommended Supplement for fat burning medications taking medication. For example, Legalon, the original drug based on the extract of milk thistle with one of the highest among peers of the utility and the high content of active components silimarina, which strengthens the membranes, stimulates the liver cells, prevents the penetration of toxic substances. In addition to the safeguards, there is a tool that reduces inflammation and accelerates renewal of the liver cells.

Spices for weight loss

Speaking of this, what is good for weight loss product you can buy, we should not forget about what is in our hands. Natural fat burners is the green and black tea, coffee, lemon, and all spices. Especially effective is cinnamon. This aromatic spice, you can decrease the level of glucose in the blood and improve the sensitivity of the tissue. This helps reduce fat deposits on the belly. Well it also helps to cardamom and mint, black and red pepper. However, you need to know: that was the effect, it must be considered a rational diet.


We are not finished talking about this, what is the best way to lose weight, you can choose for yourself. The picture became a little clearer, it is necessary to stick to a diet and that it would be easier to do this, you can use some of these medicines after consulting your doctor. Do not forget that additionally, you need to exercise. Despite the fact that the effect occurs rapidly and is the most complete, and you will have to resort to the use of lining. Many of them are easy to do at home this does not require any special education or knowledge.

One of the most effective recipe is turpentine wrap. Don't forget that you can only use drugstore but not the technical of turpentine. Essential oils that help improve blood flow and warms the tissue, and the main active ingredient is the resin from coniferous trees. It is recommended to mix the turpentine with the fat content of milk and apply on the skin.

A real treat for the body – chocolate body wrap. This is another way to lose 1,5 to 2 kg per 1 procedure. For this is the simple way, a package of cocoa powder, diluted in warm water, to pulp and applied to the body. Then the body is wrapped and covered with a warm blanket. An hour to wash off with water. For the best effect you can add to the mix a teaspoon of the red pepper and ginger.

Traditional medicine

This is the herbs that are recommended for help in losing weight people, in their hard work. First and foremost this is a common dandelion, and is used only roots but also leaves and also flowers. Very good helps to keep the figure in the order nettle, fennel and UVA URSI. It is recommended that you use this collection of: 2 tablespoons of herbs Senna and buckthorn, 2 tablespoons of coriander, the same violets three leaf, smartweed and leaves of bearberry. One tablespoon of the mixture brew a Cup of boiling water and leave to infuse for the night. On the following day, drink 4 doses. It is useful to take into account the weight loss and green tea.

You can use and other taxes, which totam for themselves. For this you can use herbs that reduce appetite. Among them, Flaxseed and marshmallow root, spirulina, Dong Quai. Another group of herbs that normalize the activity of the digestive system. The buckthorn and anise, dill and fennel. Often the fees included in choleretic and diuretic herbs is horsetail, immortelle, dandelion. Necessarily additional and laxatives plants – yarrow, Senna, chamomile. Herbs that normalize the metabolism, leaves of birch and nettle, mother and stepmother. Finally, a variety of spices allows you to increase the energy consumption.

What is considered to be the best tool for weight loss?

So it's time to take stock and say, what is the best way to lose weight. Reviews of women, who have tried all the pills, herbs, diets, patches and chewing gum for weight loss, which say, that the only way to lose weight eat less and move more. And to help make it easier to control myself and not overeat, you can use herbal teas. For those moments when you do not indulge in delicacies, you can keep on the side window of calories. If you want to speed up the process of weight loss wraps will help you. But the basis of weight loss is self-control and a sensible diet, instead of a complete and healthy diet. Hi!