Exercise for weight loss

When your favorite dress is not a zip, and the phrase a Good man should be a lot of you no longer to calm down, read this article on training for weight loss!

If you primarily lead a sedentary lifestyle are experiencing constant stress and eating questionable meals, then most likely this article exercise for weight loss.

Have a beautiful body without excess fat each and every want, however, if you are genetically predisposed to store fat too much, you have a lot of work. Although the physiological differences between the sexes exercise programs for weight loss men and women are different, there are some General recommendations for all lose weight burn fat.

exercise for weight loss

And now a few words about the process of weight reduction. Fat is usually more deposited in certain parts of the body, for example, men, the press, women, thighs and buttocks. However, to get rid of it place does not work, because this process is regulated by hormones travel through the body. Hence the conclusion - if you are going to lose weight, lose forms everywhere. The human body is designed so that it contains a substance that promotes the breakdown and removal of fat and prevent its loss. Therefore, the main part of the supplement, which is intended for use during exercise for weight loss is focused on blocking the latest components.

Principles of training for weight loss

If you know the basic principles of fat burning, to choose or even make the practice that you can lose weight, not make you work.

Common exercise for weight loss

Your body will give response to exercise and begin to drop the kilos only if you can throw him off his usual balance and load max. And what could be heavier than a well-built load of the whole body complex? Pointless in order to lose weight, to pump up the arms, legs, back, upper or lower body separately. Ignite the fires of your fat burning workout to lose weight should not be heavy throughout the body, not one part of it.

Strength training with free weights weight loss

Training for weight loss should only be a big-size body, but also to the energy itself, and this only means one thing - free weights. The more exercise is performed from a standing position without the ability to lean; to lie or sit, the worse the fat and the best for you. Barbell, dumbbells, multifunctional block simulators have more degrees of freedom in contrast to the fancy specialized equipment, and involves more muscles.

Adaptation is the enemy of weight loss

adaptation is the enemy of weight loss

During the fight, which fat is the worst enemy of adaptation. When you get accustomed to it, they are no longer you the stress of a high order, and the body is custom, and stay with them. Biochemically it just means that the concentration of cortisol in the blood decreases. Your body is boring, such as individual exercises, he just needs a jolt! Try to turn the standard fitness exercises and to take into account something in the Arsenal of weight lifting. What to do next? Mix and match your free-time!

High intensity interval cardio training for weight loss

Hardware can be very effective and traumatic injuries of your musculoskeletal system. To make your workout more energetically expensive, and therefore safe, write your own training plan and even high intensity training, which is cardio equipment.

I bet you didn't know that the heart is a distant descendant, the first medical rehabilitation equipment for physically impaired people.

You can perform interval cardio for weight loss at the gym, at home or even on the street, all you need in this case - the interval timer. Read more about interval training you can read here.

A large number of repetitions

Glycogen in the muscles splintered glucose, your approaches must be at least 8 but not more than 20 reps. Approaches should not be too much - 5-6. Only in this case, the body having so zealously protected fat reserves.

Strength progression

Too many repetitions will not bring you the long-awaited mark on the scale, because the intensity of such training for weight loss is not measured by the number of repetitions, and the number of kilograms lifted per unit of time. You can still increase your working weights, and the more serious they are, the more stress, you can cause the body.

By decreasing rest breaks

I would like to add - between sets. If you will constantly interfere with the body recover after a workout, you can now start using the fat reserves quickly and efficiently. To keep her slender body in check, maintain a state of reasonable energy deficit: made a long approach, which is a lot of weight? Don't try to relax, immediately move on to the next approach. 2 hours work at the gym and spent glycogen stores in the muscles? Don't even think about the amount of carbs! Remember, the main principle of training for weight loss: stress, stress and again positive stress to the body! The easiest way to create it is to consistently reduce breaks to rest in between sets. This can be done indefinitely, gradually turning your workout into a round, with no rest between sets.

Two exercises one after the other

training each other

Strength training and interval cardio the next day powerful weight loss - your body simply can not react so much fun! The deficit of glucose and oxygen debt is created, and they overlap another devastating effect. Watch out for fat!

Frequency - the key to weight loss

You should practice a bit more often than at other times. Daily exercise promotes high levels of cortisol in the blood, and we during the weight loss needs. Other: at least 4 workouts a week, not counting cardio and HIIT .

Long or short

Training duration 90-120 minutes - this is another reason to focus on the secretion of catabolic hormones during weight loss. At the same time, all of your favorite exercises to do in a timely manner. However, fat burning to change the program every 3-4 weeks. You can do it more often not worth it, especially on their own, otherwise there is a risk in losing profits.

To accelerate the recruitment of muscle mass to help sports nutrition - protein, creatine, weight gainer, arginine, BCAA amino acids. These supplements specifically designed for athletes and fitness active people at different levels of readiness. These medicines are completely safe and their effectiveness is proven.