Real weight loss: inspiring stories girls

In the global network, in the press, we find many variations of the diet, which did not always seem to us a humane and effective, cast doubt on the benefits to the body. Unfortunately, almost every woman faces in their life with weight gain, making it difficult to move forward, to raise the self-confidence to be self-confident and attractive. For someone this overweight is only a few pounds, others ten, and to remove that is not easy. If a woman has a large surplus of excess weight, she lost her nerve, seizes his sadness, flour and sweet, this is added to the ill-fated pounds.

However, not all are this way. Foreign celebrity and then demonstrate the wonders of self-control and shed their an amazing weight. In our country too there are women whose example inspires millions of people, helps us understand that the human body can do everything and even a little more. Today's review will be devoted to stories of girls who have lost excess weight and are in fine form, becoming an example for the countrymen.

The real weight loss. Tatyana Rybakova: minus 55 pounds

the result

For the first time, our heroine has proved not only themselves but also others, the well-known principle that a balanced diet, regular exercise, and most importantly - a great desire to give you a chance to lose half of the gain that is not required. Tatyana Rybakova at birth received the wrong diagnosis of cerebral palsy. Her parents have decided to improve the daughter, and before the school years was outside the city, eating only subsistence foods, including meat, milk, and butter cakes. Needless to say, to achieve the girl was 14 weighed more than 100 kg. And the reason that it is not only good food, but also the ridicule of classmates, bitterness, Tanya was stuck sweet. When the girl, who was faced with the shortness of breath that comes with it is in accordance with the ordinary climbing down the stairs, she is a big decision that it is time to throw off the weight of the ballast.

All types of diet, who have tried Tatiana, though, and helped, but often led the girl to defects. Then she asked the question, is it possible to lose weight and not be a risk to the health, well-being and mood? Reading a number of intelligent literature, Tatiana has gradually built their diet, which obey the laws of a balanced diet. Tanya began to calculate precisely the amount of protein, fats and carbohydrates that should be consumed, this is in accordance with the parameters and the activity day girls. According to Tatyana, her system was pretty simple: Breakfast and lunch is to eat complex carbohydrates and protein, and for dinner - only proteins. As for the sweet, Tanya allowed itself very little and only during the day and the last meal has been calculated so that it was at least three hours before bedtime.


If for the first time Tatiana was not enough time for physical activity because he studied and worked at the same time, after graduation, the girl has enrolled in classes at the fitness center, where the emphasis is on cardiovascular training and power loads. As a result of large weight loss, over 4 years, Tatiana throw 55 kg – a girl has to turn to the surgeons who carried out the tightening of the skin, without which it can not.

Now Tatiana Rybakova, not only the happy owner of a slim figure, but also popular videobloger, author of the book, numerous tips on quick and competent weight loss. The main rules that Tanja advises to keep all those who want to lose weight the girls are setting specific goals, the choice of the diet, which takes into account personal information, as well as believing in oneself.

The story is a true weight loss Mila Gritsenko: minus 38 pounds

Since childhood, Mila Gritsenko stood lush and impressive forms, this meant that by age 14, she weighed 70 pounds, despite the fact that growth did not exceed 154 see the ridicule of the classmates are acquainted with the beginning and the end of the day, which would not upset the girl, and when she first fell in love, decided to change the situation. The object of her love is not the answers proposed to the girl first lose a few dozen pounds. Soap tried the orange diet, which hypervitaminosis, hunger, due to fainting and constant nausea, laxatives and pills, psychotropic drugs, and enemas, but nothing happened.


When she met her future husband, who loved her at any weight, and strictly forbidden to lose weight, the girl's life was completely changed after 4 years, Mila got pregnant. She was there at night is all, the General hormonal background at the time of discharge from hospital the girls weight reached 90 kg. The soap began to look well-groomed middle-aged woman in the mirror, she was not satisfied. Soap has turned to the performance of a diet that includes small, but frequent snacking on the clock. The result was a weight loss of 36 kg of only five months. At the same time, Mila have developed their own system for weight loss is not only aimed at reducing weight, but to change the dietary habits of the person, and also the destruction depends on the food.

The result of the work was so striking that the Soap for the tip, stretched women want to lose weight. Eventually he realized that could be that is his achievement in the profession, he graduated at the Academy for fitness, he has opened his Studio real weight loss and wrote the recipe book "Eat and grow thin with a Cute Gritsenko". Now he is the author of motivational seminars is the diet program for stars and common girls, perfecting his method. Among the tips from the Soap are as follows: continuous exercise strength training by increasing the weight, cardio workout, healthy diet, eating 4-5 times a day, using a coffee scrub, three times a week, and sports nutrition.

Real weight loss Sony Rudenko: minus 20 pounds


Sonya Rudenko in kindergarten was a girl with chubby cheeks. Despite the fact that the school is teased because of the excess weight as to the exhaust and had a good shape, due to the restrictions in the diet and to run after school, there is the problem of excess pounds still overtook her. For the first time, the weight has come gradually, and then began to increase faster. Sonia especially encoded from the food after the hypnosis has issued a methodological guide with a normal diet, which is followed by, but a very short time.

The girl tried many diets and even tried to do so unloved by her, but nothing helped. When the result of the popular "the Kremlin" diet, what Sonia really loved, but eventually, the weight stopped falling, and at some point, even increased, despite careful adherence to the rules of the program. Then Sonya Rudenko switched to low fat cottage cheese and boiled chicken, which will help to achieve your cherished numbers to 50 kg. to Have this weight was not easy, for this Sonia is to discover a lot of diet products and low-calorie dishes that are based on them. She likes fish, eggs and vegetables, which is currently a major part of their menu, along with walnuts, avocados and flax seeds.

Now Sonia successfully maintain a blog, which gives an example for many women. Really helps them to lose weight and find a new life in a new, slim body.

Sasha Versailles and the history of real weight loss: minus 20 pounds


It seems, with the growth of 176 cm weight: 73 kg doesn't seem too high, but for Sasha the Versailles two-and-a-half years, it was obvious and unpleasant. She tried different diets, but the weight is standing still. If you want to get rid of the excess fat on the belly and hips, she found a great trainer, in which more and fell in love. So mad motivation did the trick. Now she can't imagine life without sports and physical activities, and the coach, who is also her husband, he supports Sasha.

Sasha is now a Versailles has its own page in social networks, which motivates and inspires thousands of people to feats of weight loss. The main secret here is self-discipline, says Saša. Proper diet and exercise, that will help you lose weight, but you don't need to give and not to indulge themselves, and seek the strength to work. What at first seems difficult, it will eventually become a habit. And if you manage to find a good mentor who will prompt, in what direction to move, then success is guaranteed.

Those who are only at the beginning of a difficult way for weight loss, Saša Versailles gives some tips:

  • It is better to avoid strict diets, but to establish nutrition and exercise is necessary;
  • Mandatory the right attitude, you won't feel like denying themselves the joys of the restrictions in the delicious food;
  • It is important to find your own sport classes which are a joy.

Marina: minus 35 pounds


Marina's childhood was not thinness, in 15 years the scales showed a figure of 75 kg, and all of the barbs in the title, which has already been translated as a joke, do not show your pain. The girl, who was trying hard enough to lose weight ways: they are exclusively on the apples, if it is not limited to the water. Of course, such a diet impact on the health and well-being, appeared and stretch marks. At 19 years she was married, then I was pregnant and as all pregnant women, yet the extra weight. When he was released from the hospital, the girl's weight was 92 kg, he was going to throw in the near future. However, this dream did not materialize, the weight only came to him immediately added, depression and terrible breathing problems, which lasted for three years.

One day Marina came up with the idea: what if her son would be ashamed of, mom, its shape? Inside, everything is turned upside down, because before she painted a picture in my head of joint active rest, ice skating and Hiking, in one word - full of life, who can hardly afford at this weight. Thus, he was motivated girls. About one and a half years, Marina sat on a rigid diet in the morning, only oatmeal in the afternoon – one Apple and for dinner lightly sweetened with sugar cappuccino. Despite the stress, mood swings and tantrums during the first month, the girl who took off five pounds, and for all time – the great 38! After a prolonged refusal to eat, she realized, she needed to diversity of diet, and has mastered the practice of proper nutrition. At the same time he acquired the Marina and a gym membership.

Now she eats five times a day in his diet of porridge, cheese and milk, coffee, nuts and dried fruit, chicken breast, salads, vegetables, cottage cheese, kefir and ryazhenka. Marina drink lots of water and advises not to neglect this rule. Eat right and love physical activity, which has taught her that real weight loss and a good result, which is able to achieve. Now the son of the Marina for six years and is boldly says that his mother is the most beautiful.

Real weight loss Eugene Rahimova: minus 33 pounds


On a 156 cm tall Eugene Rakhimov weighed 91 kg. This weight is due to the fact that Jack always loved good food, her favorite food was chocolate, which she could not forget. For the first time, the weight of the she, however, does not interfere, but at the time of turning a girl into a woman, ridicule peers began to upset and offend. Young people in Eugene not paying attention, she experienced unrequited love. After graduation she moved to St. Petersburg, where he discovered a number of networks with fast food, went to the gym – but just for show.

One day Zhenya life has changed, one of her friends, who was long engaged in fitness, took part in the bikini contest. Eugene was surprised and impressed by her press, she found out that she didn't want to walk around with a belly that was always visible from his pants and grabbed himself. The girl started counting calories, started to be obtained with the proper containers, food – buckwheat, rice, fish and chicken. She is also addicted to running. The weight began to fall, and clothing sizes less. Zhenya immediately appeared followers, who became her tip, if you want to change your diet. Now she respects the fundamental rule: you lose weight when you take more calories than you consume. She uses several programs on the smartphone, which they believe, calories, active in sport – a round and a cardio workout.

The rest of Eugene is also required for the introduction of the active – rollerblading and ice skating, long walks. In addition, this support has been costly for her, which, when you view your photos I still can't believe that shot.