Proper nutrition for weight loss menu for each day

The principles of good nutrition, many nutritionists call free diet. This is one of the most popular destinations for weight normalization. In the modern world the concept of proper nutrition (PP), which is treated differently. Some argue that it is essential to completely abandon meat, bread, sweets. The proposed method does not require victims. All you need to do is to stick to some recommendations and a proper diet.

Balanced nutrition improves the metabolism, which promotes weight loss. This method is most appropriate for people who have problems with digestion, patients who suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT), cardiovascular disease, diabetes. Natural foods with moderate fat content, protein and carbohydrates, which will help us to improve the performance and improve mood.

How to eat to lose weight

To lose weight, stick to a balanced diet, really, the main thing – to take account of the authority, be in calories and your daily activities. The basics of proper nutrition for weight loss are to replace high-calorie, greasy and fried food, healthy food, rich in vitamins and minerals, and eliminate snacking on the go.

With all the recommendations and the calorie calculation of the PP help you to lose weight average 5-7 kg per month, depending on the characteristics of the organism. Following the advice of the experienced dieticians will help to understand the diet, and master the principles of its construction:

  • The energy value of the meals a day, must meet the cost of the body. For people with obesity total calories should not exceed 900-1000 kcal. The standard energy value for a person with moderate activity – 1200 kcal for athletes 1600-1900 kcal.
  • The chemical composition of products must fully satisfy the needs of the body. Try to eat a variety of foods with magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and other essential macro - or micronutrients.
  • Learn to follow the diet. You should eat small parts, often at regular intervals


Proper diet for weight loss is not a diet in the classic sense of the word. This is a way of life, so the rules have to be followed regularly. They are easy to learn, you will have the desire to succeed:

  • Drink plenty of water. For the calculation of the desired amount of fluid, using a special application on the phone or use the standards. The norm is 1.5-2 litres of fluid a day, according to tea, juice, water, or other beverages.
  • Clearly follow the regime. Do not allow yourself to snack on the go, even if there is a slight feeling of hunger. After some time, the body will get used to the right food at the right time.
  • A smart selection of products. Not all of them go well with each other. Find, print out and hang on the fridge, to the table of compatibility.
  • When buying food carefully consider the composition. Less is only will be listed, the healthier and more natural will be the product.
  • Bake, not fry – this is the main rule of the PP. While cooking, use a lot of vegetable oil or animal fat, which is always deposited in the body. If you want to lose weight, the preparation of the meals for something in the oven or eat foods fresh.
  • Salads fill not with mayonnaise, and a tablespoon of olive, Flaxseed or sesame oil mixed with lemon juice.
  • You should eat small portions from small plates. The maximum break between meals (not including sleep) for 4 hours.
  • Thoroughly chewing food, don't bother reading Newspapers, watching the web pages from your smartphone or watching TV.

A regime of proper nutrition for weight loss


To the body was regularly receiving the necessary vitamins, minerals, you need to eat often 5-6 times a day. The method is to be painted so that each meal, which took place in approximately equal intervals:

  • Start your Breakfast 7-9 am. It is time for eating carbs. They are digested by the body longer than other components. Eating oatmeal for Breakfast with fruit or an omelet with vegetables, drink fresh juice. If you play sports, go for a workout before eating.
  • Spend your lunch no later than 12. time. A good time to eat first, of course. Suitable light vegetarian soup, soup without grilled vegetables, cabbage soup, mushroom soup.
  • Lunch from 13 to 15 hours. At this time, the body can still digest complex foods, so that eating pasta, cereals, wholegrain bread or potatoes at lunch, it is acceptable. If you prefer to workout in the afternoon, then eating complex carbs should be kept to a minimum, and focus on protein rich foods.
  • Before dinner you can eat between 16 and 17 hours If you had a large lunch, afternoon snack you can skip. Otherwise, eat an Apple, a pear or other fruit, drink a glass of juice or kefir.
  • The perfect time to complete a meal 18.00-20.00. For dinner, ideal protein food – fish or lean meat with vegetables, as an alternative to fruit salad, cheese casserole or omelet for protein. If you want to lose weight, be sure to have dinner no later than 2-3 hours before bedtime.


The result of weight loss, depending on the type of food you prefer to eat. The transition to proper nutrition will not only succeed, but to determine the result. The diet should contain nutritious, but low calorie food, lots of vegetables, fruits, cereals. For comfort, print out and hang on the fridge a list of permitted and prohibited foods:

Junk food

Useful products

white bread, yeast pastries, puff pastry

bread from whole wheat, rye or bran added

soup rich soups, milk, legumes

vegetarian soups, soups, vegetables, liquid dishes, in vegetable soups

fatty meat, fish

fresh cereals – rice, buckwheat, barley, oats, couscous, bulgur

canned, homemade pickles, fish or meat shelf

steaming, fresh fried vegetables – tomatoes, cabbage, turnips, cucumbers, zucchini, pumpkins

sausage, sausages, semi-finished products

lean meats – poultry fillets without skin, rabbit, beef, veal

fat cottage cheese, cream, salty cheese

lean fish, bream, perch, cod, Pollack, carp, flounder

buy sweet juices, carbonated mineral water, alcohol (except for natural wines)

steam scrambled eggs, hard-boiled egg (not more than 2 pieces per day)

cooking oils, hot sauces, mayonnaise

dairy products with low fat – cheese, yogurt, milk, cheese, yogurt

some types of fruits and berries – grapes, bananas, grapes, dates, figs

fresh berries and fruit

fast food, crackers, chips, other dry food

tea green, red, natural, coffee, a decoction of rose hips

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Read the principles of the digestion of certain substances in the body, scientists came to the conclusion that some products are not mixed with each other, they cause indigestion, heartburn, flatulence, fermentation in the intestine. In addition, incompatible products, which are not fully digested, not only brings benefits for the body, but varies in the fat.

There is a special table that indicates compatible products. So, you can not combine meat with potatoes or pasta. For a side dish to chicken or beef better fried or grilled vegetables. All the meals should be prepared with a minimal amount of oil or fat. During the transition to proper nutrition for weight loss nutritionists recommend that a detailed study of this plate.

In addition, experts have noticed a pattern between the desire to eat "junk" food and lack of certain substances in the body. So as not to break with the diet, try to replace sweets and other dishes for healthy food without breaking your diet:

How to drink water

Nutritionists always advise to drink a day not less than two liters of fluid. This can speed up the metabolism, prevents overeating and dehydration. In addition to the fact that you need to drink water, it is important to understand how to do it. There is a scheme:

  1. Be sure to drink before Breakfast, two glasses of water. The liquid, which will fill part of the total volume of the stomach, helps to get enough faster. For the start of the meal in 15-20 minutes. If the ordinary water in such quantities, it is difficult to drink, add half teaspoon of honey or a few drops of lemon juice.
  2. Two glasses of water to drink closer to 12-14 hours, 20 minutes for lunch. After lunch 2 hours nothing to drink, it is strictly forbidden to drink any liquid with meals.
  3. Before dinner you should drink 1 glass of water. Food and beverages is prohibited. To prevent swelling, do not drink tea, yogurt or other liquid drinks 2 hours before bedtime.
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A well-known fact that the speed of set up and weight loss are dependent on the human metabolism. So you can literally get fat from the water, and the other, without the risk of weight gain eat the cake. Scientists have found that beverages that can affect the rate of metabolic processes:

  • The green or the Monastic tea. This not only affects the metabolic rate, but also has a diuretic effect, promoting rapid weight loss.
  • Ginger soup. Ginger root contains capsaicin, a substance that gives the drink the edge off, improves digestion, has a slight antibacterial action.
  • Juice. Natural, fresh juices (especially orange, grapefruit, green), proven, improves the metabolism. To use them better on an empty stomach, for example, in the morning, replacing juice 1 Cup of water.
  • An infusion of sage. The drink not only helps in better digestion, but also helps to prevent colds.
  • Liquid chestnut. Medicines drink energizes, cleanses the body of toxins.

How is the right diet for weight loss

Menus must be planned so that it incorporated all the principles of correct diet for weight loss. It is important that not only the colors of the meals, after hours, must also take into account its caloric value. Nutritionists recommend that the distribution of the daily ration caloric content:

  • Breakfast – 500-600 calories;
  • snack – 150-200 calories;
  • lunch – 300-400 calories;
  • afternoon snack – 150-200 calories;
  • dinner – 300-400 calories;
  • drinks – 100-200 kcal.

Menu for the week

In the preparation of the diet for 7 days, you need to consider the calorie content of meals, as proper nutrition for weight loss does not mean a complete rejection of tasty treats. Adjust the amount of food he eats per day, you will need a table of caloric content of products. The energy value of the manufacturers indicate on the label of their products or find a table with the calorie content on the Internet. Be satisfied but do not overeat, it is recommended to consider the following indicators:

  • People who lead a sedentary lifestyle, daily allowed to eat up to 1200 calories.
  • Activists, athletes, fitness nutrition is necessary to increase to 1800 calories.

The observance of these guidelines is to paint the menu for the week will not be difficult. Must eat 4-5 times a day, at equal intervals, that the digestion was adjusted to the desired biological rhythm.