Kefir diet: why choose this product?

The kefir diet is a very popular way to lose weight. There are many options for the kefir diet, including kefir buckwheat, kefir fruit, kefir cottage cheese, and many other diets. Why is this product useful and why should you choose to lose weight?

How useful kefir in the diet?

This drink contains healthy milk protein that is easy to digest. In addition, kefir contains vitamins A, C, PP, H, B, fats and carbohydrates, natural sugars, valuable elements - chlorine, calcium, potassium, selenium, fluorine, cobalt, sulfur, iodine, zinc, phosphorus, contains iron, molybdenum. , copper, magnesium and acids (fatty and organic). The composition is quite impressive - it immediately becomes clear that the drink is really healthy.

But in addition to these valuable substances, kefir also contains lactic acid and beneficial bacteria. They help with digestive disorders, prevent the formation of fermentation and decomposition processes in the stomach, remove harmful substances and restore the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract. That is, kefir has a huge positive effect on the digestive system. And this is very important for weight loss and the health of the body as a whole.

What else is this product useful for? It facilitates the work of the heart as it is quickly and easily absorbed, strengthens nails and teeth, improves the condition of hair, soothes (which is especially valuable in long-term stress), relieves chronic fatigue, helps with kidney disease, anemia, eczema.

As for weight loss, kefir is not in vain in the diet. The drink not only improves the digestive process and removes the deposits of harmful substances in the intestines, as well as removes excess fluid, but also improves metabolism and helps you not to be hungry. However, even fatty kefir does not contain as much - 56 kcal / 100 g, which means that kefir is just an ideal product for weight loss.

Therefore, many diets have been invented based on this drink. Kefir also goes well with vegetables, fruits, other dairy drinks, cereals and poultry. Of course, these combinations offer a variety of diets.

Kefir diet menu: three options

kefir with buckwheat for weight loss

Of course, the kefir diet menu is very varied. But we offer three popular and not very hungry options. In any case, in the case of diet, it is better to choose a drink with a fat content of 2. 5%. Low-fat kefir is not as useful and starves faster after consumption, and the drink 3, 2% makes it difficult to lose weight due to low fat.

The kefir-buckwheat diet is designed for 4-5 days. It is very monotonous but can significantly reduce your weight and you do not have to starve without this diet. Only buckwheat, vegetables, fruit, honey, homemade yoghurt, dried fruit and herbs can be consumed, as well as water and kefir. Stir a glass of buckwheat in the evening with boiling water, and in the morning drain the water and have porridge, wash with kefir. One liter of drink is allowed per day.

Here is the diet menu:

  • morning: buckwheat with kefir, apple;
  • snack: dried fruits;
  • lunch: buckwheat, vegetable salad and kefir;
  • afternoon snack: yogurt with herbs;
  • dinner: salad with buckwheat and kefir with cinnamon and honey.

As you can see, the menu is very boring, but you will like the result.

The kefir-fruit diet is designed for up to three days. You can eat any kind of fruit and vegetables and drink two liters of kefir a day. The menu doesn’t seem to be very varied, but if you get creative with the menu, you can make a lot of interesting dishes.

Here is a sample diet menu:

  • breakfast: cucumber and tomato salad, as well as peppers, kefir;
  • snack: fruit salad (e. g. apple, orange, banana);
  • lunch: vegetable soup, carrot or cabbage slices, kefir;
  • afternoon snack: baked apple;
  • evening: vegetable stew, kefir and fruit cocktail.

The menu is not hungry at all or as boring as the first diet, but if you want variety, choose the next option.

The diet is calculated for three weeks. You can eat any food except sugar, potatoes, baked goods. Only wholemeal bread can be eaten, up to two slices a day. Dairy products should be low in fat and meat and fish should be lean. One liter of kefir should be drunk daily, and an additional 500 ml can be water, green tea or sugar-free compote, of course. The salt must be cut off. Eat six times a day, preferably at the same time.

Here is a rough diet menu:

  • morning: oatmeal with banana, kefir with cinnamon;
  • snack: nuts or fruit;
  • lunch: soup, bread, chicken or fish, salad, compote or green tea;
  • afternoon snack: cottage cheese with fruit;
  • dinner: scrambled eggs or casserole with vegetables, kefir.

You can put together the menu at your own discretion, the most important thing is to remember the rules of the diet. It’s easy to lose weight on a three-week diet because the feeling of hunger won’t bother you at all.

Recipes for health and beauty

kefir with apples and mint for weight loss

What can be made from this product? Of course, a variety of pastries. But it is not suitable for dieting. You can also make soups, sauces, jellies and cocktails for kefir. These foods are really dietary. Therefore, try recipes for simple kefir dishes for health and slim figure.

Okroshka in the kefir

Boil the potatoes in their uniform (three pieces) and cut into cubes. Dice two fresh cucumbers and three boiled eggs. Grate five radishes, chop the green onions. Mix everything and pour kefir and mineral water (in proportion to taste). Sprinkle with dill and salt.


Soak a tablespoon of gelatin in half a glass of water. If it swells, heat to dissolve the gelatin. Then cool. Add half a liter of low-fat kefir, one-third a glass of sour cream (you should take the lowest-fat product), the same amount of sugar and vanilla. Whisk everything thoroughly for four minutes. Pour into bowls and refrigerate. Of course, such a gel should not be eaten every day, after all, it contains sugar and sour cream. But you can pamper yourself once a week.

Apple cocktail

Grate three sweet apples on a fine grater, pour 400 ml of low-fat kefir. We beat everything well. Then add cinnamon and honey to taste and stir again. Cocktail recipes can be different because you can add not only fruits to kefir, but also berries (strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, raspberries) as well as vegetables (cucumbers, peppers) and herbs.

The recipes for dishes made with kefir are also varied, the most important thing is to choose healthy and low-fat foods. As for the diet of the product, it is worth trying if there is no gastritis or ulcer (this is a contraindication to the diet).