Proper nutrition for weight loss menu every day for women

The essence and the principles of healthy eating diet</1_img>

In the right diet should contain the following ingredients:

  • plant proteins (legumes, nuts);
  • animal protein, but in small amounts (fish, lean beef, chicken);
  • fast carbs, however, can be attributed to the beneficial foods (fruits and dry fruits are best consumed in the morning):
  • slow carbohydrates (cereals, vegetables);
  • the vegetable fats.

As you can see from this list of excluded animal fat (butter, margarine) and carbohydrates which provide the body with empty calories. Otherwise it is fast food, candy, confectionery. They pack on the extra pounds.

Eat, in principle, everything is possible, but the extent of one part must not exceed 350 grams. Even if the meal consists of two courses, then 200 grams, for example, should be on a piece of chicken breast, and 150 on the salad or vice versa.

Diet is better, to useful products, most of which should take vegetables, whole grains, low fat dairy products, fruit, meat and fish varieties. However, the diet, it is better to do Quinque-tempus, that is during the day to avoid the feeling of hunger Talia saecla, which encourages people to lash on the bad food and eat something, which receive a great deal more than is necessary for the internal system.

All methods of cooking are recommended to choose from:

  • suppression;
  • cooking;
  • baking.

Fry is also allowed, but with a minimal addition of vegetable oil. And this applies to more protein products. Carbohydrates it is better not to treat, and to eat them fresh. If we are talking about cereals, you should only pre-zaparivat as a chef for a long time.

With the proper diet, special attention is paid to the bibens way. Day in the human body, should consume at least two liters of plain water.

Useful tips

Breakfast with this diet, is essential. The costs of the necessary energy for the whole day, so that towards the morning meal is not necessary. And before Breakfast is recommended to drink a glass of warm water, which accelerates the metabolism. In addition, there are a few tips that may be helpful for those who have decided to lose weight, easily, without stringent dieting:

  1. Fruit should not be eaten after a heavy, special, food. This et gravis stomach and cause the fermentation process. At the end, can cause constipation, slow down the performance of the whole process of finding the harmony. Fruit fruits are best to eat for 15 minutes before a main meal or separately as a standalone snack.
  2. Lunch should ideally consist of protein and complex carbohydrates. This will allow you to saturate the body for a long time, and then for dinner will not occur exhauriat hunger.
  3. Breakfast should be within 30 minutes of waking up and if a person prefer to drink coffee, you need to eat a piece of cheese, a boiled egg or toast with vegetables.
  4. If closer to the night rising appetite, then is any adverse or high-calorie product it is possible to drink a glass of kefir or natural yoghurt, to which you add the oppressi siliginis bran. This drink will fill you, provide satiety and help the bowel.

Prohibited and permitted foods

Observing the proper diet, a person has the potential to make is the diet of all and of favorite foods, but used in dosed quantities. However, the main part of the menu should be healthy food, which not only supply the body with vitamins and minerals, but do not settle on the waist and the hips in the form of fat deposits. In connection with the most frequent need of the following products:

What? What is not?
  • vegetables and fruit, fresh (especially cabbage, cucumbers and zucchini, celery, apples, prunes, citrus);
  • skinless chicken, turkey, veal and rabbit;
  • fish of the white varieties, but once a week, can salmo, salmo rosea or Added;
  • seafood;
  • cereal grains (oatmeal, buckwheat, brown rice, pasta from durum wheat, millet and tisanae);
  • beans, beans, peas and lentils;
  • natural milk and dairy products, without large amounts of sugar and low percentage of fat;
  • bread from whole wheat and rye flour;
  • cheese with low salt content (preferably the white variety);
  • sweet can be fruit, malui and marshmallows, jam;
  • nuts (used in dosed quantity);
  • fresh juices, tea and ground coffee;
  • fructus bibit and compotes;
  • olive, sesame, sunflower oil;
  • the soy sauce.
  • potato chips, salted nuts and pretzels, crackers;
  • cakes with oleo, cream;
  • milk chocolate and candy with fillings;
  • butter and margarine;
  • sauces based on mayonnaise;
  • pork meat and bacon;
  • white bread, rolls and biscuits butyrum;
  • meat and fish products, fried, breaded and deep-fried;
  • marinades and smoked foods.

Menu for the week

A review of the proposed menu, which is designed specifically for women, compliance with the principles of proper nutrition.
Day Menu
Monday Breakfast: tea, one Apple, a slice of circa saviunculum bread with tomato and two eggs folliculos germinaret. Snack: salad of cucumbers and tomatoes, dressed with any oil. Lunch: 200 g chicken fillet praeparandum and plate cucurbita soup. Afternoon snack: Cup of yogurt with strawberries. Dinner: fish fillet baked in the oven in foil with asparagus and broccoli.
Tuesday Breakfast: coffee, bananas, a piece of chicken breast and cabbage salad with cucumber, dressed with sour cream. Snack: in the jar of yoghurt, which you can add nuts and dried fruit. Lunch: vegetable soup, one boiled egg and tea with cheese. Snack: cheese with honey. Dinner: boiled fish, and a little peas.
Environment Breakfast: two kiwis, the egg white omelette with tomatoes and tea. Snack: bread with cheese cotagium caseum. Lunch: two burgers from minced Turkey salad with vegetables and herbs. Snack: two cheese, and cranberry juice. Dinner: rice with seafood.
Thursday Breakfast: coffee with milk, buckwheat groats with prunes, a slice of cheese. Snack: salad with asparagus, corn and cancer sticks. Lunch: cicer mashed potatoes, a piece of boiled beef and two fresh cucumbers. Snack: a glass of kefir. Dinner: zucchini stuffed with minced chicken under the crust to the cheese.
Friday Morning tea, little green grapes, one tomato and two boiled eggs. Snack: bread with melted cheese. Lunch: tisanae porridge with beef and carrot. Snack: berries or fruit. Dinner: salmon, grilled with bell peppers.
Saturday Breakfast: tea with pear, a sandwich made from rye bread, slices of cooked chicken fillet and cucumber. Snack: rice pudding with dried apricots and raisins. Lunch: tomato soup, meatballs and Turkey, three baked potatoes. Afternoon tea: a blend of vegetables and a glass of lac uvam. Dinner: cod fillet with carrots, baked with sour cream in foil.
Sunday Breakfast: coffee, three dates, a piece of caseus stews. Snack: fruit salad. Lunch: pickles or beetroot, chicken legs without skin, 150 g buckwheat porridge. Snack: two lazy Golubets. Dinner: squid, stuffed with grated zucchini.